Offices to move into supermarkets?

Although some say that working from home has its side effects, most employees now prefer working in a hybrid model. Some researchers even find that a significant number is planning to quit due to a lack of work-life balance in an office-only environment. 

50% would quit working office-only

Humanyze, a global workplace analytics provider released its Spring Employee Retention Report stating that leaders must get to the bottom of what drives engagement, productivity, and success. According to the survey, just under half of the employees are at risk of quitting, but 52% of management expects higher attrition rates in the coming months. When asked what influences their decision to stay at a job besides salary or benefits, employees cited flexibility and hybrid or remote work options as top priorities. 

The Hybrid Performance Review conducted by Poly with the participation of 5,000 US employees revealed that 63% resist the return to the office. The research shows that both introverted and extroverted employees favour hybrid or remote work over working full time in an office.

According to Facilitate Magazine research undertaken by IWG, a global workspace provider, demonstrates the continuing popularity of hybrid working. Three-quarters (72%) of workers would prefer flexible working in the long-term over going back to the office five days a week, even with a 10% pay rise. 

The TESCO-pilot 

As part of IWG’s plans to add 1,000 new locations to its global network in 2022, the company is to convert excess space at the stores of supermarket chain Tesco into flexible offices. The pilot project is launched in a Tesco Extra in New Malden (UK), where IWG transforms the store’s upper mezzanine level into a more than 350 sqm office area (Spaces) with 12 OpenDesks, 30 co-working spaces and a meeting room.

Businesses and individuals will be able to access workspaces from early summer, by joining up on the IWG platform. Customers will have access to Wi-Fi, the in-store café, and the comfort of a private working space.

Working closer to home is a must-have for the next job move

The deal is the first collaboration between IWG’s Spaces brand and Tesco. The company aims towards creating more self-sustaining, vibrant local communities that will greatly improve the work-life balance of local workers as well as having a positive impact on the environment by reducing the need for daily and costly commutes.

The growth of IWG’s network has been increasingly focused on suburban locations, emphasising the demand for workspace solutions in the heart of local communities. About 77% of employees say a place to work closer to home is a must-have for their next job move, with workers four times more likely to choose an office close to home than a city centre.

IWG recently launched a new retail-based office-space concept ‘OpenDesks’. This offers optimal flexibility and greater privacy than traditional co-working, using magnetic screens to create privacy, and cluster formations can be created for larger teams or for meetings. Each workspace can be accessed using Spaces’ mobile app, providing 24/7 working for members.


Photo: yahoo news


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