Why work with professionals?

Looking back on the past years, facilities have faced many challenges that have changed how they approach cleaning. Many businesses experienced supply and labour shortages, along with rising hygienic demands. Handling such issues needs stability, reliability and expertise in the long run.


As we move toward the post-pandemic era heightened expectations around hygiene and cleanliness along with labour shortage still pose serious risks to keeping facilities clean in many cases. 


Working with professionals can help avoid lapses in the workflow and build confidence in customers, employees, and other building visitors as facilities return to full capacity. Facility Cleaning & Maintenance collected some arguments for working with pros.


Partners with benefits


Daily maintenance: 

Disruption in the supply chain or panic-buying at retail stores can be avoided when partnering with a service provider. Some providers also offer chemical dispensing systems thus helping to avoid improperly mixing dangerous combinations of chemicals and decreasing spending on ready-to-use chemicals, which frees up capital and saves space.


Deep cleans with high-pressure cleaning: 

Service providers often offer periodic deep cleans with high-pressure cleaning and extraction equipment, specifically in washrooms. Using high-pressure cleaning extracts soil and dirty water to prevent cross-contamination and odour-causing bacteria and removes build-up that can’t easily be reached by conventional tools.


Cleaner facilities: 

Having a professional partner means having adequate stock of cleaning chemicals, washroom supplies and other tools such as microfibre wipes. Lacking these essential products can strain cleaning operations and detract from the facility’s overall cleanliness.


Premium offers and services: 

Thorough and professional cleaning of facilities is critical in reducing the spread of germs. Most cleaning services only perform a quick wipe-down of high-touch surfaces or emptying of trash. Professional service providers have the skills, knowledge, proper equipment and manpower to provide a quality clean that helps reduce the spread of infection.


Better first impressions: 

A clean facility can make or break a customer’s first impression. For example, in washrooms items like toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, sanitisers, trash bags, and other cleaning and hygiene supplies run out at uneven intervals. This makes them difficult to track and replenish regularly. Professional service providers regularly restock items and follow maintenance schedules, which keeps customers and employees happy and satisfied.



Another important aspect of outsourcing to pros is that the business owner or the facility manager can deal with daily operational tasks to keep a facility running smoothly if backed up by a cleaning service provider. Checking on the cleaning staff, tools and chemicals, not to mention following all innovations of the market consumes a lot of energy and time.


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