Nokian Tyres to build first zero CO2 emission factory in Romania

Nokian Tyres broke ground for the company’s new passenger car tire factory in Oradea, Romania. The new establishment hiring 500 skilled workers will use renewable energy sources to become the first net zero factory in the industry.

Sustainable and competitive tire production

The groundbreaking ceremony for the tire industry’s first zero CO2 emission factory was honoured by the presence of the Prime Minister of Romania, Nicolae Ciucă. The President of the Bihor County Council, Ilie Bolojan, and other high-level Romanian and Finnish officials participated as well as the Chair of Nokian Tyres Board of Directors Jukka Hienonen.

“We are very proud to build the first zero CO2 emission factory in the tire industry. This means for instance that energy used at the factory comes from renewable sources and steam needed for the tire manufacturing process is generated fully without fossil fuels. The site location in Romania supports the target as we can utilize green energy produced near the site. We are committed to building a sustainable and competitive tire production facility,” -says Jukka Moisio, President and CEO of Nokian Tyres.

The total investment is estimated to be approximately EUR 650 million, which is among the most valuable investments in Romania in recent years. Nokian Tyres is waiting for the final decision from the EU for its EU funding application for some EUR 100 million, which the Romanian government already approved earlier this year.

6 million tires per year on some 100,000 sqm

According to the company’s statement, commercial tire production in the factory is scheduled to start in 2025, serving customers, especially in Central Europe. The annual capacity of the factory will be 6 million tires with expansion potential in the future. The site will also house a distribution facility for storage and distribution of tires. The combined built-up area totals some 100,000 sqm.

The first tires are estimated to be produced in the second half of 2024. Commercial tire production is expected to start in early 2025.

Recruiting and educating hundreds of skilled people

“Central Europe is an important market for us, and the investment shows our commitment to the market. The new site will be strategically located close to our customers. After a thorough evaluation of over 40 locations and several factors, such as skilled workforce availability, logistical advantages, and stable business environment, it was clear that Oradea was the best choice for our new factory,” – says Adrian Kaczmarczyk, SVP, Supply Operations.

The planned headcount of the Romanian factory is about 500 people. The recruitment will accelerate in 2024 and continue until the full workforce of the factory has been hired and the factory starts its operations.

“We will cooperate with the local schools in Oradea to provide the right type of training to our future employees. In the beginning, we will utilize the in-house knowledge and the experience we obtained when we built our factory in the US. We will bring some 20–25 people from Finland to Oradea to help set up the factory,”- says Adrian Kaczmarczyk, SVP, Supply Operations.




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