B+N at a Portfolio’s Sustainable World 2022 conference

Sustainability is all about the enterprises of the future. A few years ago, a lot of people were puzzled about or only started to show interest in the topic. However, the past period has made environmental protection and green energy unquestionable in the property market as well.   

The primary purpose of the recently held Portfolio Sustainable World 2022 conference was to share the experience with the professional audience, presenting the benefits of sustainability which may provide a competitive advantage and a way to efficiency improvement. The presenters at the event touched upon several topics such as the opportunities for green financing, pro-active investment decisions, ESG conformity, the EU sustainability framework and renewable energy.

Sustainable lighting in offices is just as important as proper heating

B+N Referencia Zrt. was represented by János Nagy, Senior Energy Expert of the company and Chairman of the Lighting Society of Hungary at one of the most exciting panel discussions, i.e. ‘Digitalisation, Automation and Building Energetics’.

János Nagy, who earned the Energetics Consultant of the Year 2020 award and received the Hungarian Golden Cross of Merit as recognition of his professional accomplishments and commitment to public life, called the attention of the audience to a topic which is not so much in focus these days: illumination and light conditions in buildings.

As he put it, heating in office areas can be controlled relatively easily compared to lighting. And, just as with temperature, our sense of comfort varies with changing light conditions. The most modern solutions are people-oriented and automatically controlled in this field as well, in alignment with the time of day or the circadian rhythm of the employees.

Energy waste, light pollution

Regarding energy waste, most people think of the heat lost through open windows or due to improper sealing or insulation, however, photon efflux is a similar type of energy waste. Not to mention the resulting light pollution, which can be seen in the environment of many buildings.

One can find various requirements in shopping centres and industrial facilities. While the philosophy of ‘good lighting attracts customers’ prevails with the former, the latter finds technology requirements and workplace safety to be the top priority when it comes to illumination.


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