B+N Employee receives hungarian golden cross of merit

The President of the Republic of Hungary is awarded the János Nagy electrical engineer, the head of electrical engineering of B + N Referencia Zrt. signed by János Áder, President of the Republic. (Photo: Endre Véssey)

“I was surprised,” said János Nagy, head of electrical engineering at B + N Referencia Zrt. , When it turned out that he was awarded a state award. As he says, “I just do my job with enough professional commitment, humility”.

János Nagy, electrical engineer of B + N Referencia Zrt. With a state award

Awards and honors give strength to my work

As the news of the award appeared in the Hungarian Gazette , “I received a lot of nice and encouraging congratulations. Undoubtedly, the awards and honors give strength to my work, but also the feedback that I am on the right track, what I have done so far has not been in vain. Even a few days, and then it’s not a sensation anymore, life goes on, we do our daily tasks as if nothing had happened, ”says the B + N employee.

János Nagy emphasized that professionalism, professionalism and the desire for knowledge are very important parts of success. “I am glad to have been able to contribute to the development of Hungarian energy and lighting technology with my work as a lecturer, expert, lecturer, disseminator and creator, as well as with my professional role in public life,” said B + N’s electrical engineer, president of the Hungarian Electrical Association.


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