With its latest acquisition, B+N Referencia Zrt. secured its market-leading position in the region

B+N Referencia Zrt. acquired the Bulgarian facility management company i-Facility EOOD. With this new subsidiary, the company is now present in 7 countries in Central Europe. 

The acquisition is a logical step of the previous regional expansion. In 2021, B+N Referencia Zrt. acquired the interests of the ISS Group in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia and Hungary. In January 2022, the company also set foot in the Polish FM market via the Inwemer System group. B+N Zrt. has 100% ownership in all countries, including the Bulgarian company involved in the current acquisition.

Dominant market player – 7 countries, 20,000 employees, 15 million sqm

With the acquisition announced today, the company has become an unavoidable player in the region and has strengthened its position as the market leader – a position already achieved in January 2022. B+N Zrt. has been a stable member of the Top 500 Hungarian company ranking for years as well. Among its domestic clients – in addition to state institutions – multinational corporations can also be found. Its service portfolio provides technical operations and maintenance, fit-out, cleaning and sanitary cleaning services, textile management, gardening and document management services.

With the current acquisition, the company operates in 7 key countries of the region and supplies more than 15 million square meters of space with 20,000 employees.

“We make the most of our synergies and the resulting cost efficiency”

The portfolio of i-Facility EOOD covers technical operation and maintenance, cleaning and gardening activities. Among its clients – in addition to domestic companies – are also well-known multinational corporations such as Hewlett Packard, Heineken, SAP, BASF, Financial Times and Merck. Apart from Sofia, it has another regional office in the country.

“With the 2021-2022 acquisitions, our company has clearly stepped up. We continuously integrate the experience, expertise and employees of the acquired companies into our company. With the current step, we become an essential player in the Bulgarian market as well. The advantages of our defining size and broad service portfolio have also been welcomed by our clients. We make the most of our synergies and the resulting cost efficiency in every country. Our goals include further expansion.” – said Ferenc Kis-Szölgyémi, CEO of the company.

Future-proof developments: autonomous robots and UV-C disinfecting equipment

B+N Referencia Zrt. shapes and defines the trends and future of the FM industry. Its 25-person R&D department’s – the only one in the domestic facilities management sector – technological innovations are based on the philosophy of “industry 4.0”. The firm is convinced that even in this traditional environment, automation and robotics are increasingly important. 

The cleaning of large surfaces is now carried out by dozens of ROBIN robots – self-developed, autonomous industrial cleaning robots – in, among others, the Hungarian Defense Forces

Health Center (aka. Honvédkórház), Budapest Airport and Puskás Stadium. The mobile UVC disinfection device developed in 2020 raises the hygiene of MÁV and BKV vehicles to a higher level.

Epidemic prevention with microbiological analysis and prediction system

In the near future, with the help of game-changing technological innovation, a microbiological analysis and prediction system, the company will be able to recognize pathogens on different surfaces. The method provides an opportunity to quickly detect infectious colonies and provides data to improve the efficiency of disinfection and cleaning. It drastically increases the chance of preventing a potential epidemic. The globally unique technological development is extremely important in hospitals, it greatly reduces the risk of infection and increases patient safety.


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