B+N to clean more than 75,000 sqm of cultural area

The new Museum Quarter in the famous City Park of Budapest is a prominent cultural and touristic attraction of the capital city. The cleanliness of 4 public buildings – newbuilt and renovated – is in the hands of B+N’s professionals.

The Liget Budapest Project is now Europe’s largest cultural urban development project recognised with prestigious international awards. It combines the largest-scale park and landscape architecture project in Hungary’s history with an institution development program unprecedented since the great Millennium period.

B+N Referencia Zrt. also contributes to the activities of the entity raising the capital’s cultural life to the next level, for the company has recently been assigned by Városliget Zrt. to provide complete cleaning services in the National Museum Conservation and Storage Centre, House of the Hungarian Millennium, House of Hungarian Music and Museum of Ethnography.

B+N Referencia Zrt. is responsible for keeping an area of 76,150 sqm clean.

National Museum Conservation and Storage Centre

The National Restoration and Museum Storage Centre (OMRRK) stores almost 350,000 works of art on behalf of the Ethnographic Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Hungarian National Gallery to a high professional and technical standard.

The institution features state-of-the-art storage areas, restoration workshops, research rooms and offices, the plans have also allocated a space in a reconstructed medical edifice to the Central European Art History Research Institute in the building complex of some 37,000 sqm equipped to satisfy every professional requirement.

House of the Hungarian Millennium

The House of the Hungarian Millennium is one of the most beautiful buildings of Városliget, the former Olof Palme House which has been renovated. The construction of a new roof clad in huge glass surfaces and the restoration of the remarkable Zsolnay ceramics decorating the building’s facade have also been completed.

With a 1250 sqm footprint, the building was renewed as a cultural community space boasting an exhibition area and a restaurant/café evoking the atmosphere of the late 19th century and the “Hungarian millennium”, with the lowest level housing a small auditorium and conference room, as well as a space for museum pedagogy.

House of Hungarian Music


The iconic building of House of Hungarian Music, designed by Japanese star architect Sou Fujimoto, was selected from among 170 international projects and since the announcement of the design as the winner of the architectural competition, it has attracted massive attention in international professional circles. This is confirmed, for example, by the fact that in early 2021 it was listed by CNN and the World Architecture Community as one of the ten most anticipated new buildings of the year.

Museum of Ethnography

The Museum of Ethnography finally has a new permanent home in a modern, world-class building of 34,000 sqm that meets both technical needs and those of the collection and visitors. The Museum’s collection from the Carpathian Basin and all the regions of the world now comprises 250,000 items and has been moved many times since its foundation.

The facility includes space for a children’s museum, a library, archives and a conference room, as well as 2,500 sqm of temporary exhibition space and 4,500 sqm for the permanent exhibition. With 60% of the building underground, the green surfaces covering its roof attracts visitors to the Városliget as a communal space.


Photos: ligetbudapest.hu, Városliget Zrt.


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