B+N at the “PROPERTY X” Conference – Cost-reduction can be realized through consumption optimization

The world’s property market is going through historic changes that require comprehensive and complex solutions. The two-day Property X Conference touched upon current topics like traditional and flexible office solutions, facility management as well as the impacts and views of the construction industry on the domestic property market.

The ”Property X” Conference was organised by Portfolio in Balatonfüred on 8-9th June 2022. One of the participants of the panel discussion titled “How will the facility management market respond to the greatest challenges and brutal energy prices?” was Csaba Szij, Deputy CEO of B+N Referencia Zrt.

The expert stressed that it is the facility management company’s duty to operate the systems and equipment of a given property at the most efficient level possible and make proposals to improve the energy efficiency of the building. Naturally, the activities of B+N Referencia Zrt. offer good examples of this.

Szij also added: It is very important that the designer and the investor should contact the management company as early as the design phase of the construction project, for it is the manager that is able to have the deepest insight into the optimization and the various solutions of operation. The two types of activities must be handled as one system.

“With these soaring energy prices, it is the joint responsibility of the owner and the manager of the property to show tenants where they can save money. This is an educational process which must be started. Since we have no control over energy prices, we can handle cost reduction by optimizing consumption” – said Csaba Szij.


Photo: portfolio.hu


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