Why healthcare facilities should consider teaming up with professional textile managers

FM newsroom – textile management. With hospitals, hygienic and comfortable healthcare textiles and their maintenance is an absolute requirement. Facility managers can confirm that in-house textile maintenance is a time-, money- and energy-consuming process. Can outsourcing be a win-win solution?

Organizing rental and maintenance

Professional textile management will take care of the end-to-end process of sourcing, sizing and fitting, transportation, laundry, repairs, storage, and the disposal of textiles. Teaming up with a service provider the healthcare professionals can work efficiently and focus their core business: patient care. Not yet convinced? Here is a list of the benefits from experts you can count on once renting healthcare textiles – from doctors’ uniforms, to medical scrubs, linen, patient wear, mats, etc.

Why healthcare management loves a rental textile partner

  • It brings peace of mind to healthcare companies’ top management when their medical personnel and patients feel safe and comfortable in hygienically clean, sustainable garments specially tailored for them.


  • Healthcare-geared rental workwear does not only help to distinguish care personnel from others, but it also promotes a unified brand look, strengthening your corporate identity.


  • An industry-specialised partner with seamless on-boarding services helps to launch operations fast and cost-efficiently. The partner even invests in growing textile needs when business operations expand or even make a completely new setup. This enables healthcare organizations to free up finances.


  • Databased textile management provided by a professional who has a working system already set up, proves to be cost-efficient. With digitalized solution for tracking, locating, and planning for textile needs enables hospitals to plan ahead. With digitally supported RFID-tagged textiles there are no unnecessary piles of stocks, and the best hygienic conditions of the textiles are ensured as well.


  • A rental textile manager provides its clients with real-time visibility of their textiles, and thus facilitates the inventory management process.


  • When partnering up with a service provider it is important to check if the textile management company offers contamination control system compliance for rental textile services. Thus, the provider can support infection control in the operations of the healthcare facility.


  • A professional rental textile partner can provide support with specific textile-related or process-related reports for any audit requirements.


  • Renting textiles is an eco-friendly and sustainable choice as well. Partnering up with a rental textile provider enables hospitals to reduce their environmental impact by opting for textiles that are optimised for raw material acquisition and manufacturing as well as transportation and maintenance.


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