WGBC has published a new building policy recommendation

FM newsroom – sustainability, green building. The World Green Building Council is calling on EU decision-makers to take decisive action on the built environment.

The World Green Building Council (WorldGBC), in cooperation with the 24 members of the European Green Building Council, published a new sustainable building policy recommendation in Brussels on April 16, 2024. The document entitled “European Manifesto for a Sustainable Built Environment” – informs the Hungarian Green Building Council.

Calling for action

The recommendation is intended for EU decision-makers, encouraging them to take real action. By prioritizing the policy related to the sustainable built environment, many key issues could be solved throughout the EU, including energy security.

The construction industry accounts for 40% of Europe’s energy demand, 80% of which is covered by fossil fuels. Accelerating the energy-efficient renovation of buildings would reduce dependence on fossil fuels, while also reducing the energy bills of millions of Europeans. Policies regarding a sustainable built environment can also help with the current unemployment crisis in the EU: every 1 million euros invested in the green renovation of buildings creates an average of 18 local, long-term jobs in the EU – HuGBC.hu reports.

“It is vital that policymakers take up these recommendations. Ahead of the upcoming elections, regardless of who is ultimately elected, sustainable built environment policies, which are key to achieving the EU’s Green Deal objectives, must remain at the top of the agenda.”- Laura Pallares, Head of the Europe Regional Network, World Green Building Council

The new set of recommendations calls on EU politicians to work with the construction industry to develop a framework that takes into account the social, environmental and economic benefits of sustainable buildings.

The priority areas

The recommendations across the eight priority areas include decarbonisation, circular economy, health, water, finance, resilience, biodiversity and just transition.

“We have known for years the enormous potential buildings in Europe have to improve the quality of life, but now all parties must take action to ensure that this is reflected in EU legislation in the form of holistic policy measures. The World Green Building Council and our national green building councils are ready to support political decision-makers in taking measures aimed at an energy-efficient, regenerative and just transformation of the built environment.” – Cristina Gamboa, CEO, World Green Building Council

The recommendations will now be discussed with regional political decision-makers across the continent so that a sustainable built environment remains a top priority in the June elections.


Read the full European Manifesto here.


Image: worldgbc.org


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