WELL Comfort – Energy-efficient workstation for healthy employees 

Is there an office desk that not only makes work easier but also saves money for the office? The WELL Working Group of the Hungarian Green Building Council created a prototype which increases the comfort of employees while also ensuring energy-efficient air ventilation.


A „win-win” energy-efficient workstation 

As fmbusiness.hu writes referring to wellstandard.hu a frequent complaint about workstations – where employees spend most of their time – is inadequate ventilation. Suppressing the spread of the coronavirus epidemic is also an argument in favour of fresh air flow instead of mixed ventilation. In addition to the comfortable and customizable table, all of these factors brought the basic concept of WELL Comfort to life. “Our goal was to create a workstation prototype that increases the comfort of the employee, while the office uses less energy to ensure adequate ventilation,” – as HuGBC WELL Working Group pointed out.


5 important elements of the WELL Comfort workstation:


1. Adjustable table-hight

Thanks to its health-benefits „sit-stand” workstations in offices are getting popular by the day. It is no wonder that to obtain WELL certifications it is necessary to provide at least 25% of such desks in an office. The Comfort workstation, part of the Ahrend Balance collection, is also designed to adapt to all needs, so it can be electronically adjusted for both sitting and standing work, and the heating panel built into the tabletop also provides a hand-warming function.


2. Built-in air technology 

For WELL certification, at least half of the workstations must be equipped with a customized ventilation system. The Comfort workstation delivers filtered, fresh air to the user, which can be controlled through the air inlet built into the tabletop.


3. Intelligent air-purifying wall panel

An important part of the WELL Comfort workstation is an innovation by NAAVA to neutralize volatile organic compounds in the air thus reducing airborne dust and humidifies. The intelligent living wall panels do not contain allergenic substances, peat or potting soil, are also connected to satellites and sensors, available in different sizes, with several looks and performances.

4. Posture support

The most often recommended working position is a dynamic change between standing and sitting, which is why it is also important for a workstation to be able to properly support both. To this end, WELL Comfort has also been equipped with posture relief and seat support.


5. Biodynamic lighting

Circadian lighting is also an important factor in terms of healthy and efficient work. Taking this into account, the Trilux LiveLink application-controlled desk lamp, whose brightness and colour temperature can be regulated, was added to the Comfort workstation.



Photo: ahrend.cz, naavagreen.hu


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