How airport maintenance can benefit from smart glass

Airports around the globe are being built or redesigned with a new approach to travel. With all their glazed facades, it would be a waste to overlook the potential of using smart glass. Smart glass, or intelligent glass can make an airport more beautiful, functional and even more sustainable by helping to reduce energy costs.

Energy efficiency, privacy on demand, unobstructed views, and hygienic properties are all benefits of smart glass which can easily be utilized in airport design, according to

Sustainability, safety and savings

Smart or intelligent glass windows can reduce the amount of solar heat entering the building lowering the cooling load necessary to keep the terminal at a regulated temperature. The result is energy savings on cooling, shading and lighting costs.

The ability of smart glass to change from transparent to translucent can be a valuable asset to passengers too. When waiting long hours before boarding they can escape the discomfort of intense sunshine. Smart glass’s ability to switch from transparent to opaque in a matter of seconds can be a great solution for creating a safe, quiet and clean space for travellers to enjoy instant privacy when needed.

Smart glass can block up to 99% of light and lower levels of ultraviolet radiation, which can also reduce the fading of furniture, carpeting and flooring. Changing shades automatically can also eliminate the need for shutters or curtains, which are not only expensive to maintain and clean, but a major source of bacteria and germs as well. also points out that smart glass is well-known for its easy-to-clean and anti-microbial properties. Recent studies have shown that natural daylight passing through windows can disinfect many surfaces within 24 hours.

Making passenger information smart

Smart glass film is a clear window tint-like material that is easy to install and creates a convenient opportunity for messaging and advertising. Smart glass can turn any glass surface into a projection screen. With the simple touch of a button, static glass can be turned into a dynamic HD screen to showcase visual content and capture the attention of travellers.

Smart glass film can also be used to display flight changes or cancellations, and weather reports. Sleek, modern and hygienic, smart glass provides a myriad of solutions for airports.


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