The specifics office managers look for in a cleaning company

Most business owners understand the value of a cleaning company in ensuring their facilities are regularly cleaned and disinfected to a consistent standard. However, when looking for a professional service provider many office managers believe all are the same. To stand out from the crowd it is good to know what specifics decision-makers find important!

There are a few specifics office managers are looking for when deciding which cleaning company will provide the most value for the price. Facility Cleaning & Maintenance collected the most important ones facility managers and cleaning professionals should consider to stand out from the competition. 

A good reputation is a must

Office managers always search for a cleaning company with a great reputation. To find one, they will talk with office managers at similar businesses and also read online reviews.

You need to have a trustworthy staff

The personnel of a commercial cleaning company are a main decisive factor. It is important to make transparent what background checks they undergo before being hired and what kind of training they get to make sure they know what they are doing. Office managers also often want to know if the same team will visit their facility each night – it is consistency they are looking for.

Professionalism inside and outside

Professionalism weighs a lot, both in the way the staff acts and in their appearance. Uniforms are a small thing, but they make a big difference. According to Facility Cleaning & Maintenance studies have shown that wearing uniforms increase professionalism and productivity in workers. Plus, it’s an added level of security for the business. If cleaners wear uniforms, everyone in the building knows they are supposed to be there.

Proper tools and the right chemicals

To deliver outstanding results you need to have the right tools and chemicals. Reputable cleaning companies know there are no one-size-fits-all cleaning solutions. Cleaning a restaurant is different from cleaning a medical facility or office. A good service provider knows which chemicals are strong enough to do the job while gentle enough not to damage surfaces.

While cleaning solutions aren’t as harsh as they were decades ago, many still contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that may cause headaches and respiratory problems in building occupants. To avoid incidents, many office managers add green cleaning to their demand list.


Since the start of the pandemic, there are new standards for disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces to kill the COVID-19 virus. Any professional cleaning service should be aware of these guidelines and make sure their employees are following them.



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