The MOL Campus – A pitch perfect working environment

The MOL Campus, the new HQ of MOL Group and the tallest office building in Budapest was officially handed over in early December 2022 – MTI reports. The 143-meter-high building currently only welcomes Company employees, but from next spring visitors will also have access to marvel at the view from the 120-meter-high observation deck.

MOL Group is an integrated, international oil and gas company, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, but active in over 30 countries. The more than 100-year-old company decided to build its own HQ in 2016 for a staff of 2,500. After years of anticipation, the team will move in shortly to the mix-used office building – MOL Campus – in Budapest featuring all state-of-the-art technical innovations and sustainable solutions.

The blueprint for the office of the future

As an integral part of MOL Group’s sustainable vision for 2030, the 86,000 sqm building provides a blueprint for the office of the future – the company informs. The MOL Campus is located in one of Budapest’s most dynamically developing areas, BudaPark. In addition to the offices and the 120-meter-high observation deck, the 28-storey mixed-use complex will also feature a visitor centre, two restaurants, and a Fresh Corner.

Sustainable solutions accented

The MOL Campus is one of the greenest office buildings in Budapest with high-level energy efficiency and environmental awareness. The building features innovative solutions such as 900 sqm of solar panels, a geothermal cooling and heating system, and greywater recycling.

The focus of the architectural design was bringing nature closer to the workspace. It also acts as a social catalyst, creating spaces for collaboration, relaxation and inspiration. All occupants have a direct connection to the external environment providing fresh air, daylight and views.

Pitch perfect working environment

The design of the offices follows the Activity-Based Workplace (ABW) model, so each employee can choose his or her working environment depending on the task at hand and can change it flexibly at any time. The building also uses cutting-edge technology to control light levels, temperature and views. All workspaces are finely calibrated to create the perfect working environment.

As Zsolt Hernádi, CEO of the MOL Group pointed out: “Everything in this building is about the employees, from the lovable community spaces to the collaborative working environment and sustainable solutions.”

MOL Campus aims to obtain Excellent and Platinum grades of the international LEED and BREEAM qualifications.




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