Romania: Over 20 mln invested in an exceptional office park

FM newsroom – office. Genesis Property announces the completion of Phase II of the YUNITY Park project – a first in the Romanian real estate landscape and one of the most innovative office parks in Romania.

A paradigm shift in the way we think about offices

Phase II of the YUNITY Park project involved an investment of 20 million euros. The unique development boasts an urban forest of 1,000 square meters that contributes to the absorption of over 5 tons of CO₂ annually, an outdoor amphitheater with a capacity of 1,500 people, 2,000 meters of pedestrian walkways and tiered promenade, stepped water mirrors, creative meeting spaces, fluid architecture and biophilic design that translate man’s need for integration with nature.

The facilities that YUNITY Park makes available represent a paradigm shift in the way people relate to office life, especially in an era where work-life balance is a major factor by which the choice of a job is decided.

“YUNITY Park marks the beginning of a new era in workspace design. It is not just about a traditional office, but about creating a public space, specially designed as a sustainable extension of the work environment. We want to rewrite the way we work, change the paradigm of workspaces, and YUNITY Park is a model for the future, emphasizing environmental responsibility, flexible work arrangements and cost efficiency.”- Liviu Tudor, president of Genesis Property

Reduced utility costs

The project’s infrastructure also includes components designed to reduce utility costs for common areas, which will bring direct financial benefits to tenant companies. Among them, the most important are a rainwater retention basin that provides irrigation for the entire park, intelligent and energy-efficient LED systems for night lighting, and a network of more than 1,000 photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of buildings on campus.

These panels produce 12% of the energy consumption of the entire park, and from February 2023 until today, the amount of CO₂ reduced is 317 tons, 17,196 trees have been saved and an amount of coal has been reduced by 128 tons.

“This park is not just a green space, but a complex structure, equivalent to an investment in two office buildings. In addition to the urban forest, we have integrated 4,000 sqm of photovoltaic panels, which produce more than the energy needed to maintain the green spaces. In the current context, companies are looking for solutions to reduce costs and the area of rented offices, but maintaining a high level of productivity and quality of the premises. YUNITY Park responds to these needs, setting a new standard in the real estate industry” – Liviu Tudor, president of Genesis Property

The total investment in the transformation of YUNITY Park will exceed 50 million Euros, with the final delivery date in Q3, 2024.



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