Poland: Technical support and best practices from PRFM

The first document in Poland is soon to appear on the market on practical knowledge in the field of technical maintenance of buildings. The FM support book addresses both clients and contractors performing the services.


Facility Management includes a range of services and facilities for organizations and buildings, and above all for the people who work in them. A key branch of FM is technical service and maintenance which is of increasing importance. This is why industry professionals of the Advisory Group for Technical Maintenance of Facilities under the aegis of the Polish Facility Management Council (Polskiej Rady Facility Management – PFMR) have set the best standards of their field sharing their knowledge and experience.


Practical knowledge at hand

The Advisory Group for Technical Maintenance of Facilities, chaired by Krzysztof Ratyński (Kancelaria Techniczna Empirias), have worked on the development of the Technical Service Practice for Building Structures (POTOB), which will soon see the light of day. 


The publication contains practical knowledge and guidelines facilitating the implementation of services in this field. It includes recommendations on identifying the needs of recipient organizations, preparing facility specifications, and the scope of maintenance services, as well as hints on what to remember during their implementation. 


To facilitate communication between service providers

The aim of the publication is to popularize structured knowledge in the field of technical maintenance of buildings, as well as to harmonize industry terminology, which can significantly facilitate communication between service providers and recipients


“Our goal was to create a universal study that would not only meet the expectations of the largest possible group of recipients of the domestic real estate market, but above all set new standards understandable to all its participants” – Krzysztof Ratyński pointed out.


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