New real estate concept to put employee needs first

Office property and facility management have been going hand in hand with HR goals for quite some time now. Successfully operating businesses and buildings often mean tasks beyond the routine as employees have special needs. According to a recent survey of Romanian employees, the ideal office is not only located in an area surrounded by green spaces but also offers leisure facilities.


According to a recent survey of 1,180 employees nationwide by Genesis Property, Romanians want offices where they have options for networking and interacting both at work and in their free time, a trend that is increasingly visible around the world – writes the Romanian Business Review (BR).


Access to informal lunch and green areas are the main benefits they are looking for

With currently only 4 in 10 having a green space near their office and 3 in 10 having access to areas to interact and socialise, it is no surprise, that for 63% of Romanian employees, a park or green area is the main benefit near an office.


Another 51% rank access to areas dedicated to lunch and informal meetings with colleagues as the most important. At the same time, 38% want areas to interact and engage in networking both during working hours and in their free time.

Flexibility and work-life balance value more than ever

”People’s working and living styles have changed over the last two years and have created new expectations regarding the way they carry out their activities. Employees now want more flexibility and work-life balance and value their time off more than ever. A multifunctional hub, with office space and facilities beyond the office, thus becomes the link between the two dimensions, integrating all the activities that matter” – BR quotes Maria Tudorică, Comercial Real Estate Manager at Genesis Property.


Leisure facilities close to the office make an important contribution to work-life balance for over 61% of respondents. At the same time, 48% believe they would save a lot of time if they had such facilities close to the office, and more than a third believe they would be able to exercise more and interact more with colleagues and friends.


YUNITY Park – the new concept 

To meet the needs of employees and future work and urban lifestyle trends, Genesis Property transforms Novo Park business park into YUNITY Park, a new real estate concept that will include an urban forest, co-living and co-working spaces, a food hall, an outdoor event amphitheatre and conference centre, entertainment and fitness areas and specially designed spaces for professional and personal interactions.


The project is expected to be completed in the first three months of 2023, with a total investment of €50 million.


Photos: Genesis Property


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