Hungarian based design group to further expand on the Romanian market

The Hungarian based bim.GROUP has been operating as a general design office on the international market for more than 30 years and announces to expand its design capacity in the Romanian market.

bim.GROUP is an independent designer office with activities and expertise in all major engineering disciplines. The office operates in general design (conceptual design, construction and building permits, construction engineering services and design of electrical installations) but also in architecture, structural design (steel and reinforced concrete), building envelope, building services, building electricity, and BIM innovation.

The Group works with a dedicated team of over 100 in-house experts and delivers complex design projects using the latest technologies and software available. At bim.GROUP’s cooperation with KÉSZ Romania can be traced back almost 10 years. “We operate with mutual capacity sharing, making both companies more efficient. This is an important milestone in terms of building local connections with Romanian design offices”- said Zsolt Ballay, COO bim.GROUP to the Romanian Business Review.

Engineering like artists

In order to achieve the most feasible constructions, the team always combines the precision of an engineer with the talent of an artist. The aim is to create the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics in the main disciplines of architectural design while paying attention to durability, efficient operation and value. bim.GROUP designs buildings, steel and reinforced concrete structures, industrial facades, complex electrical and engineering infrastructures of buildings, which then translate into industrial complexes, residential, hotel, office and public buildings, sports and leisure centres.

“Our specialized design packages are the ideal choice for Romanian and international general and architectural design companies, contractors and producers. We distinguish between two types of sectoral planning packages: structural design and facade design. They are similar in terms of conceptual design, licensing, tender design and project analysis, but the key and important differences lie in implementation and delivery. We are eager to use our expertise and innovative solutions, work together with local design studios and strengthen our presence in Romania”- Zsolt Ballay added.

bim.GROUP has earned its reputation by working on projects like Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport, PUSKÁS Stadium, the Open Air Stage in Riga and the Kistefos Museum in Norway.


Photo: bim.GROUP


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