How to swipe out winter weariness from carpeting

Carpeting adds to the feeling of quality whether in an office, a healthcare facility or a hotel. However, the thick layer of softness consuming the sound of busy steps can also devalue a facility if smudgy, dirty, grimy – whereas well-maintained mats add to any interior. As spring comes, it is high time to clear all the wintery mud off those carpetings in a professional way.

As spring approaches, it is time to sweep out the winter weariness from any mat. Following the guideline of Cleaning and Maintenance Management, you can easily avoid that shabby look that devalues any facility.

Vacuuming is first!

As you can’t rely on a carpet extractor machine to get everything, thorough and sufficient frequent vacuuming is always required beforehand. Vacuuming is by far one of the most crucial steps you need to perform on a regular basis. In commercial environments, you should vacuum every day as Matthew Baratta, vice president of Operations at Daimer Industries advises.

Pre-spraying – an extra help

Use pre-spray your carpet with a low-foaming cleaning solution after vacuuming. Do not pour carpet cleaning products directly into extractors. Instead, for maximum efficiency and the best results, apply the pre-spray directly to the carpet’s surface and allow it to soak. Typically, the soaking time is around a minute or so.

Brush up

Next, using a soft-bristle brush, target the highest-traffic areas of the carpet (typically the middle of a runner, for example). Wherever it’s the dirtiest and grimiest, this form of agitation will work to loosen stubborn residue and filth that is trapped within the carpet. This step is especially important when cleaning the remnants of winter from your carpet—everything from salt carried on boot soles to mud and dirt. Regardless of the time of year, however, agitation aids in the performance of your carpet extractor equipment – the expert highlights.

Heated extractor for high-end results

For commercial or industrial settings, such as carpeting in warehouse break rooms or office areas, a professional machine with a heated element will deliver optimal results in the most efficient time. When operating the extractor, focus on performing slow, so you’re less likely to miss any built-up dirt or grime.

Air dryer in high traffic areas

An air mover is simply a fan that directs a constantly moving airflow at floor level; it’s ideal for quickly drying areas in high-traffic environments. Note that the extractor should have removed any excess water beforehand, so your carpet is damp rather than soaked.

Schedule regular cleaning

As noted earlier, be sure to thoroughly vacuum commercial carpeting daily. Deep cleaning with a heated carpet extractor is more time-consuming and intensive, so it only needs to be done every couple of months. Baratta recommends a minimum of twice a year.

By following these steps, any FM can ensure a cleaner, healthier, and more inviting indoor environment not just in the springtime but throughout the whole year.


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