Companies are willing to pay more for offices with lower operating costs

FM newsroom – office trends. According to the latest Commercial Property Market Report of the Hungarian National Bank, tenants are looking for modern offices with low operational costs – they are even willing to pay higher rents for such spaces. This trend favours those property and facility management companies that can provide high-quality services to their customers with modern solutions and a strong team of experts.

Success factors: modernization and optimization 

According to the Hungarian National Bank’s Autumn Commercial Real Estate Market Report, demand on the domestic office market has shifted towards higher-quality properties with lower operating costs, even if they are available at higher rents – reports.

This trend and the fluctuating energy prices – even though lower than the previous year, but stabilized at a much higher level compared to previous years – mean that the year 2024 will also be about modernization and optimization of operating costs for properties with poor energy classification. It may even be necessary to raise not-too-old, BB energy-rated properties to AA level in order to make them more affordable for rent.

How to achieve lasting results?

According to experts, the increase in the share of operating expenses favours those operators who are able to provide a level of service that meets international expectations with effective solutions tailored to individual needs, well-founded knowledge and expertise.

Companies performing real estate management and operation tasks play a key role in optimizing and keeping energy consumption at a low level. The fine-tuning of machines and equipment, the effective use of appropriate automation and IT systems, and the planning and implementation of developments based on ESG aspects require serious expertise and up-to-date knowledge.

Lasting results can only be achieved with the involvement, continuous information and education of the tenants. The dialogue is based on the common goal: cost savings with lower energy bills that support the business activities and success of customers.



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