2022 IWFM Outlook Survey – Who can get to the forefront of the business?

Outlook Survey
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According to the 2022 IWFM Outlook Survey, even with last year being a year of recovery compared to 2020, energy prices and digitization remain key challenging factors for those wanting to get to or remain at the forefront of the business. 

With its winners and losers, the market improved in both FM revenue and investment performance according to the IWFM Survey. Even with the majority of respondents working in different regions of the UK, and a small minority in Europe, the Middle East, or in some cases globally, the findings are worth a glimpse as they imply global tendencies.

Covid rearranged the market

The IWFM Outlook Survey states that Covid-19 has continued to be a major driver within the industry. Some FM organisations were able to capitalise on increased market opportunities in areas such as cleaning, security and support and transitioning to changing working patterns such as hybrid and remote working. For others, the pandemic has reduced FM activity because of reductions in occupied space and cutbacks to budgets. 

Increasing energy prices and workforce skillset are key challenges

The report states that keeping on top of changing skill requirements as market demands change and experienced workers retire remains a key challenge moving forward and it will be pivotal to the future success of FM companies in all areas – as Facilitate Magazine writes.

The report highlights that increasing energy prices have also challenged the sector’s resilience throughout 2021. Respondents have expected the tendency to continue throughout 2022, but coupled with the outbreak of the war in Ukraine these challenges will be even greater than envisaged. Although for FM companies involved in providing energy-efficiency activities this is likely to provide market opportunities – the Magazine adds. 

Technology: who misses will fall behind

The survey also makes clear that the adoption and use of technology along with data safety remain key competitive advantages. The researchers conclude that those who can adopt new and emerging technologies and successfully apply data capture and analysis techniques to optimise technology will be at the forefront of growth in the industry.

Net-zero goals as opportunities

Concerning climate change, the opinions differ with a broadly similar proportion of respondents identifying this as having a positive impact on the FM market as those perceiving this as a negative influence. The report points out that it will be of key significance how the profession can adapt to support net-zero goals. 

Diversity and inclusion – barriers remain

The Market Outlook survey also explores diversity and inclusion issues in the FM industry. Results indicate that “awareness and focus on these matters has continued to increase, but it is also clear that barriers remain that hinder progress in this area, particularly unconscious bias and lack of support, mentors and role models” – Facilitate Magazine quotes.


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