Smart-Locker System – A Unique Development in Hungary from B+N Referencia Zrt.

A new service has been added to the toolbox of B+N Referencia Zrt. The company introduced its latest development in the hospital in Hatvan, the “Smart-Locker”. Thanks to the innovation the employees of the institution can automatically get access to their – clean and neat – uniforms.

B+N Zrt. has recently presented its new textile tracking system, at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital and Healthcare Institute in Hatvan. The installation, commissioning and operation of the Smart-Locker system are provided by the company.

Transparent and predictable textile management

The Smart-Locker system provides an efficient solution for textile management. Clean laundry is issued and dirty laundry is collected through the intelligent closet systems installed in the institution. The operation is very simple: the treated clothes are equipped with individual RFID tags, and RFID readers are also installed on the shelves. The range and size of clothing that can be issued are recorded in each employee’s profile. The closet is constantly aware of the stock and records the collection and delivery of the clothes. The administration of the system is also automated.

When the laundry collector is full it sends an automatic notification to the service provider, who will arrange for its replacement. The Smart-Locker system makes the cycle of textiles between the institution and the laundry transparent and predictable, during their entire lifetime.

Beneficial for all

The system is beneficial for all parties involved: employees can drop off their laundry and pick up their clothes conveniently, quickly and at any time. The hospital does not need dedicated staff or extra rooms and still can keep track of the textiles.

The unique development of B+N Referencia Zrt. is planned to help more hospitals in the future to provide their employees with workwear in a continuous, fast and traceable way.


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