Volánbusz and OTP Bank contracted B+N Zrt.

Thanks to its own R&D (research and development) department, B+N can provide the highest quality services to its partners in facility management. From now on the employees working in the new office building of OTP Bank, and the people travelling with the Hungarian transportation company, Volánbusz, can also enjoy all benefits of the UV disinfecting device and ROBIN the autonomous cleaning robot – both developed by the FM company.

Volánbusz teams up with B+N

Based on the contract signed on 13th June 2022, B+N Referencia Zrt. is responsible for providing cleaning services on the vehicles of the Hungarian transportation company, Volánbusz. The contract is valid until 31.12.2022 and can be extended once, with a maximum of 6 months.

A crew of 300 to manage the premises

The assignment includes the cleaning of the properties (traveller and operational areas) and vehicles of Volánbusz, snow removal and de-icing in winter along with the management of green areas. Regular facility cleaning activities include basic and deep cleaning as well as the provision of hygienic materials.

The cleaning crew of the 300 employees also carry out special facility cleaning, disinfection/pandemic cleaning, machine air disinfection and other ad-hoc cleaning services.

UV disinfection is part of the deep cleaning of buses

This technology is an innovation of the R&D department of the company. The UV equipment has already been used by the company for disinfecting the trains of MÁV. This is a special and efficient method that uses UV light. It is chemical-free and quicker and safer than other disinfection technologies. This equipment for the vehicles takes cleaning to a whole new level.

B+N to clean OTP Bank’s new green office building

OTP Bank recently opened a new office building in downtown Budapest. The 84,000 sqm complex in Madarász Street is cleaned by the employees of B+N Referencia Zrt.

The office accommodates more than 3,000 employees. The building received the GOLD grade of the LEED environmentally conscious building certification system, not by chance. It has environmentally conscious, sustainable solutions such as ceiling heating and cooling, the utilization of heat pump to produce hot water, the recycling of rainwater, and smart lighting control.

Innovations: ROBIN and E-cleaning system

The work of the team of 40 employees is supported by an autonomous cleaning robot developed by the company’s R&D department. ROBIN, the robot cleans large surfaces with special tools.

B+N also introduce the E-cleaning system in the entire area of ​​the new office complex, the M12 building. With this innovative facility management solution, the cleaning staff can clearly identify the tasks to be performed in each room based on simple QR codes and a mobile application.

After the cleaning, the employee registers the work and forwards any problems and questions that may arise. The team leader checks the work done and takes action in the event of a problem. The ordering partner takes over, evaluates the performance and receives a report on it.


Photos: Vonánbusz Zrt. Instagram, Market Zrt.


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