B+N Referencia Zrt. is a founding member of the Hungarian UV-C Association

The founders include other market players, research institutes and universities, such as Rolinkbiotechnology, Lighttech, Purgolux Kft. or the University of Szeged.

Knowledge sharing

The aim of the Hungarian UV-C Association, established at the end of March 2022, is to provide a professional framework that supports information and knowledge-sharing, professional training, gaining insights into the international experience and the spread of UV-C disinfection technology – writes FMBusiness.hu.

The activities of the Association include the exchange of information related to UV-C technology, safe use and adaptation of international guidelines as well as providing a forum for organizations in the field.  The members consider it important to collect and validate international scientific research and development information and experience in Hungary.

Founders of the UV-C Association

The founding members of the Association include market companies, research institutes and universities, such as B+N Referencia Zrt, Rolinkbiotechnology, Lighttech, Purgolux Kft. and the University of Szeged.



Company / organization / expert: Representative:
Purgolux Laukó, László
Rolinkbiotechnology Hetényi, Roland
individual expert (HKVSZ  – Association of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Companies – member) Várkonyi, Nándor
B+N Referencia Zrt. Zalka, Péter / Ősz, Ágnes / Hajdu, László
Ligthttech Sauska, Péter
Béflex Zrt. Szlamalovits, Tamás
individual expert Salekovics, István
University of Szeged Dr. Péter Szabó, István / Sziládi, Katalin
Premet Kft. Pásztor, Zsolt
Moltech AH Kft. Molnár, Csaba
Euroknows Horváth, Zoltán László


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