Aro Palace Hotel to become the first Hyatt property in Romania

FM newsroom – hotel, Hyatt. In a historic move for Romania’s hospitality landscape, Aro Palace SA is joining forces with Hyatt Hotel Corporation to make Aro Palace Hotel the first Hyatt property in Romania. The iconic hotel will offer guests unmatched accommodations, wellness facilities, and event spaces under the Hyatt Regency brand. 


The hotel company Aro Palace SA announced that it signed the letter of intent to enter into a franchise agreement with Hyatt Hotel Corporation. The hotel is expected to be operated under the name “Hyatt Regency, Aro Palace Brasov” – Biz Brasov reports.


“We are delighted to take the first steps towards becoming part of the Hyatt family and bringing their world-class standards to Romania. By combining Hyatt brand service excellence with our expertise in local culture and traditions, we will enhance Aro Palace’s ability to attract guests from around the world and provide them with a unique experience,” – said Attila Joós, CEO of Aro Palace SA.


Elevated offerings of luxury

Established in 1939 and recognized for its atmosphere that combines historical charm with contemporary comfort, the Aro Palace Hotel has 189 rooms and suites for guests and another 67 executive rooms and suites, a luxury spa, bars and rooms for business events. The hotel’s positioning offers a complete perspective of the historic centre of Brașov, making it one of the favourite choices of visitors to the area.


Now, as it prepares to join the Hyatt family, the hotel is set to undergo a transformation that will see it elevate its offerings. This transition not only promises to enhance the guest experience but also sets a new benchmark for luxury hospitality in Romania, BNN Breaking writes.


On the brink of a new era

As Aro Palace Brașov prepares to take the Hyatt Regency name, it stands on the edge of a new era – one that promises to blend the charm of its historical roots with the sophistication and global appeal of the Hyatt brand. This partnership, once materialized, will not only redefine luxury hospitality in Romania but will also contribute significantly to the local economy by attracting international tourists and business travellers alike.

This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for Aro Palace SA, further enriching its portfolio which also includes the Capitol Hotel, currently undergoing renovations.



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