Who should set the air conditioning in the office?

Photo: Young Businesswoman Standing In Office Using Remote Control Of Air Conditioner

How many degrees should we set the air conditioner to in the summer? It is an eternal debate between those who find it difficult to bear the heat and those who would prefer to sit in front of the monitor in a sweater even in summer.

Cooling and heating are serious issues in countless workplaces, especially in summer, when the use of air conditioning is also on the agenda. The daily life of many employees is made miserable if the cooling in the office is centrally regulated. If there is still a way to adjust the climate, then it is difficult to decide who to suit: those who find it difficult to bear the heat, or those who would prefer to sit in front of the monitor in a sweater even in summer? – FMbusiness.hu rose the question.

Occupational safety and health requirements set the temperatures at workplaces

Many people may not be aware of it, but occupational health and safety regulations also detail the temperatures at workplaces. The need for adequate cooling in the summer heat is also supported by legislation and the employer is obliged to ensure adequate comfort and ventilation in the workplace as well.

“Unfortunately, there is currently no technical solution that would allow us to individually regulate the comfort of those staying in the same space. Workers in a given room have no choice but to compromise to ensure that everyone can work efficiently and that their health is not at risk. It may even be worthwhile to include this common agreement in the internal regulations in the form of a “climate label”, thus ensuring the individual preferences of the employees. The ratio of genders in the same room can also influence the selection of the appropriate temperature. According to research, women consider temperatures 1°C warmer on average suitable for work,” – Mihály Antal, technical expert of Gree air conditioners told FMbusiness.hu.

How many degrees should we set for the AC?

The temperature difference between outside and inside should ideally be between 5 and 8 degrees. If it is necessary – and based on our sense of comfort, we still want to be cooler than this – even then set a difference of no more than 10 degrees.

If the employees still cannot agree on the ideal temperature, the expert offers some tips:

  • Colleagues should agree on a period, when and how much the cooling equipment should operate. Thus those sensitive to the climate can time their lunch or coffee break during the cooling period!
  • Workstations should be designed in such a way that the air current does not blow on anyone. In this way, various diseases or the cooling of the muscles and joints can be avoided.
  • It is worth cooling down the room before starting work so that you do not have to start the day with intense cooling.
  • If you are too sensitive to the climate or cannot stand the cold for long, bring a scarf, sweater or vest to your workplace to protect yourself from the cooler air.


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