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FM newsroom – construction, innovation. Almost 40% of the heat and energy loss is attributed to the doors and windows, which is a decisive amount, regardless of whether we heat with gas, electricity or wood. The heated glass is not a new invention, the technology itself has been available for many years. Fresh impetus was given to the developments by the increase in the world market price of natural gas.


When, overturning the previous trends, the price of electricity suddenly became significantly more favourable, then the triumphal journey of Helio Heating heated glass really began. Thanks to the versatile application possibilities of the innovation, it provides a long-term solution for the implementation of energy-efficient heating – FMbusiness.hu reports.


It’s not just window glass, it’s also a radiator

“Heated glass can appear not only as windows but also in the form of a radiator, from transparent to a completely uniquely patterned version, leaving it up to the taste and imagination of the property owners. The heating layer itself is an invisible, nanotechnology-applied metallic conductive coating that produces heat under the influence of electric current. In all cases, this coating is placed inside the laminated glass layer closest to the interior. It is heated by infrared radiation, which means that at 18-19 °C it provides the same heat sensation as with conventional heating at 22-24 °C“- explained Eszter Rákosy, owner-manager of Rákosy Glass, manufacturer of Helio Heating.

Places where the heated glass is already in use

The heated glass can be found in the Gardener’s Cottage, Hungarian National Museum or the glass pavilion of the Apponyi Coach at the Fiumei Cemetery, the Teleki-Tisza Castle and the glass covering of the elevator next to the Saint Stephen Basilica in Budapest. But the technology is also used in residential buildings – during new construction or renovation.


Heated glass is produced in both flat and curved versions, and various heating glass furniture and design heating glass can also be made from it. For the highest user experience, it can also be used with a unique smart control system, with the help of which the heating of buildings can be solved simply, keeping energy and cost efficiency in mind.


The Helio Heating heated glass has a special coating that can block heat transfer. This prevents heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, which reduces heating and cooling costs. By using it, the internal temperature of the building can be more stable, which improves the user’s comfort.

More expensive? Yes, but…

Construction or renovation costs may be higher when using heated glass than with traditional windows, but in the long run, the extra costs will pay off due to energy efficiency. The system can be combined with solar panels, which further increases the benefits of its use.


Thanks to the design of the heated glass window, it helps to prevent condensation on the glass surfaces. This is especially useful in cold and wet weather conditions. The heated glass emits most of the heat in the form of radiant heat, which ensures comfort even at lower air temperatures. It does not cause air movement, so there is no airborne dust, and its operation is completely noiseless.



Photos: www.helioheating.com


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