New standards in hospital cleaning bring benefits beyond patient safety

B+N Referencia Zrt. to provide cleaning and disinfection services at two more hospitals in Hungary from mid-summer. The higher quality of service will measurably improve patient safety and bring further benefits to the institutions in Balassagyarmat and Szolnok.

According to the decision of the General Directorate of Public Procurement and Supply (KEF) announced on 16 March 2021, B+N Referencia Zrt. won the national hospital cleaning tender. The contract is valid for 3+1 years. The recently signed contract with Géza Hetényi Hospital in Szolnok is part of this service package. 

In addition, from 1 July 2022, B+N Referencia Zrt. provides cleaning and disinfection services at the Dr. Kenessey Albert Hospital and Outpatient Clinic in Balassagyarmat also.

Higher standards on 21,000 sqm with a crew of 45 

B+N Zrt. will perform the service at a higher technological and technical level, along with stricter hygienic protocol – compared to the former services of the institutions. The company works with 45 cleaners on 21,750 m² in the Balassagyarmat hospital. 

B+N currently handles a total of 739,016 m² in hospitals in Hungary with 1,185 professional cleaners.

A new system to improve patient safety 

The company set numerous provisions to achieve a higher level of service with patient safety in focus. 

For example, the mandatory number of cleaning staff in high-, medium- and low-risk areas is set. An important measure might be that in all central sites – beyond the daily shifts – 6 cleaning staff and 2 permanent disinfection staff are compulsory. This task has so far been carried out in addition to daily cleaning. 

To ensure a high level of service, besides recruiting employees with specific qualifications (health expert, public health and epidemiology expert, etc.) the company also provides regular compulsory training for cleaners.

The monitoring of cleaning is constantly checked using GlowCheck and ATP testing.

Even stricter requirements

The new system also includes much stricter requirements for the use of tools and equipment, like: 

  • the use of standardised technology, disinfectant and cleaning agents 
  • only impregnated mops are to be used
  • disinfectants must be prepared using a central dispensing system so that their concentration is accurate, reducing the risk of resistance
  • only impregnated and new wipes should be used per room, thus significantly reducing the risk of cross-contamination 
  • the use of RFID mops greatly reduces the risk of infection for cleaning staff
  • the fully equipped cleaning trolleys are not allowed to leave the given department area – this also serves to reduce contamination
  • 4 changes of uniforms and full working clothes are provided for the staff members, which are also cleaned and managed by B+N
  • for infectious patients, or after their departure, the company provides strictly separated devices, full protective equipment and specially trained cleaning staff (e.g. care for people suffering from COVID-19 infection)
  • in addition to manual cleaning, the equipment required per square metre (ozone generators, hydrogen peroxide disinfection machines, ride-on or walk-behind scrubbers) are also provided by B+N
  • technological innovations are introduced to ensure and maintain the required level of hygiene. One such tool is the ROBIN 3000 autonomous cleaning robot, developed by the company’s R&D department, which cleans large areas.

Management benefits

This new cleaning and disinfection system will bring further benefits to institutions. Besides greater safety and higher hygiene, a transparent system will be available with easier monitoring of the strict procedures, cleaning methodology and use of chemicals. These hospitals will also be able to work within standardised technical and technological parameters and a continuously trained staff.


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