Star architect Sou Fujimoto: “The House of Music, Hungary perfectly realized my ideas!”

According to the Japanese architect, Sou Fujimoto, the House of Music, Hungary (MZH), handed over this year as part of the Liget Budapest project, perfectly realized the designer’s visions.

It turned out fantastic!

Due to the pandemic, Sou Fujimoto could only see the House of Music, Hungary in person for the first time this September. „It turned out fantastic! Of course, I’ve already seen a lot of pictures and videos of the building, but it’s quite different to personally experience how the house blends into nature, into the fabric of the park,” – Fujimoto pointed out.

Su Fujimoto’s main goal was to create a fusion of nature and architecture, but it was important that the house would still be inviting for visitors, so the architect was pleased to learn that since the opening at the end of January, half a million people have already visited the building – writes

A glimpse into the future

The House of Music, Hungary is the first cultural institution Sou Fujimoto designed outside Japan. The building represents the approach that aims to dissolve the boundaries between the built and the natural environment – thus giving a glimpse into the architecture of the future.

Fujimoto also emphasized that he designed the building to be a continuation of the park with the tools of architecture. As he said, he is pleased to experience that every part of the building is used, even the front hall is constantly filled with visitors.

The New National Gallery won’t be far from the House of Hungarian Music according to the plans of the Japanese SANAA architecture team. And although the building of SANAA represents a completely different style compared to the House of Music, Hungary, if the New National Gallery is realized, these two buildings will well demonstrate the versatility of contemporary Japanese architecture.

Recognition of the Hungarian engineers – there were more than a hundred of them

László Baán, ministerial commissioner of the Liget Budapest project highlighted: Sou Fujimoto monitored the investment from afar and also expressed his gratitude to the local specialists on the site since the building was completed with the cooperation of more than a hundred Hungarian engineers.

“What was realized here was flawless. All of this is confirmed by the countless international awards won by the House, and also by the fact that the architect himself ranks the House of Music, Hungary among his best buildings,” – said the minister’s commissioner.

The facility management company responsible for the cleanliness of the building, B+N Zrt., is also proud to be a part of such a far-reaching project.


Photo: – MTI/ Zoltán Balogh


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