Dry steam technology – Ecological and effective cleaning

Dry steam – steam heated to 120°C – released under pressure has incomparable cleaning and degreasing abilities. The pressure combined with the high temperature allows surfaces and objects to be disinfected by simple thermal contact.


So little water with so much power

Dry steam cleaning is known for its detergent, as well as its anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal, properties. Besides its superior cleaning properties, steam is also a natural and ecological cleansing tool. Since it is just heated water, it doesn’t contain any chemicals harmful to the environment. It is also shown to have a positive impact on human health, which is certainly a bonus when it is compared with other chemical-based cleaning methods – Interclean points out.


A further ecological benefit of steam cleaning is that it requires so little water. Water is not wasted, as there is no need to use litres combined with harmful chemicals.


If you have to choose, steam is a more sustainable solution than chemicals and bears the same effectiveness. Detergents work by breaking down the physical and chemical bonds within a layer of dirt or biofilm, that contains a community of bacteria and other microorganisms. Dry steam breaks down the bonds that allow grease and dirt to stick to surfaces.


Also steam doesn’t generate any bacterial resistance. This means the bacteria don’t fight back, providing an effective and long-lasting solution. Also, because the steam is used at a very high temperature it evaporates, meaning there is no moisture residue left that could harbour mould.


Less money and manual effort needed

Because it cleans so efficiently, melting or ‘steaming’ away all kinds of dirt on all kinds of surfaces, it eliminates the heavy scrubbing and manual input that is often needed when using detergents. A single steam jet is enough for even inground dirt. The surface can then be wiped with a microfibre cloth to remove any residue dislodged by the steam and the job is done!


For cleaning companies, as well as being quick and requiring little manual input, steam cleaning requires less bulky equipment and therefore less money spent on maintaining and transporting the equipment.


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