Practices to grow commercial cleaning businesses

FM newsroom – commercial cleaning. At the height of the pandemic, having a clean building was the most important thought in every facility manager’s and property owner’s mind. Today, priorities have shifted, and commercial cleaning is not as prominently featured. The market players now need to adjust to this new situation and find ways to gain and retain businesses. 

“To be a sustainable business in any industry the mindset must always be about driving the business forward. That might sound exhausting if you’re not in the habit of consistently setting and working towards your goals. However, once you’ve implemented these habits, you’ll become a company with a growth mindset” – tells Doug Flaig, president of Stratus Building Solutions to Facility Cleaning and Maintenance.

Flaig shared the simple yet useful habits his professional cleaning teams work by to gain new and retain old customers.

Weekly goals

Setting goals is often focused on long-term achievements as managers and leaders need to see the big picture to make that happen. Smaller goals and celebrating small ‘wins’ with the team can make success be more achievable and empowering. To set small goals, work backwards from larger goals and set benchmarks the team needs to meet along the way. They also help build consistency in daily operations and act as a yardstick for larger goals. Not hitting the smaller goals gives chance to reassess and refocus, getting back on track to your longer-term goals.

Smart tools

One of the most challenging aspects of running a company is choosing the technology and tools that will contribute to success, rather than simply supplying statistics. 

„Take lead generation as an example. If your lead generation tools are not producing results, you need to know where you are losing the potential customer in the process, and then make changes to drive better results. Sometimes, the best tools are not the latest fads or trends, but other times, you need to reach customers where smart technology can help you. Choose your tools carefully and evaluate them regularly for opportunities to improve the results”- Flaig advises.

Good relationships

Client retention is key to running a successful cleaning company, and that happens through developing solid relationships. Everyone on the team needs to know how to communicate.

„For example, if a cleaner stains a carpet, they should know who to contact in your organization so the customer can be informed immediately. When you build a good relationship with your cleaners, communication will flow more easily which helps keep issues at a low level. When you build a good relationship with your customer, you can communicate issues and propose solutions that manage the problem for the customer, which builds trust in their relationship with you.” – Flaig points out.

Consistency above all

Assuming the company already provides great service, being consistent is an equally important factor in retaining customers. Consistency means adhering to standards in your business, building good habits, and becoming a reliable company. 



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