Zwirn Office project fills a market gap welcoming small businesses

Office complexes usually aim for companies often renting multiple floors in a building. Breaking with this mindset the Zwirn Office complex in Bratislava targets small entrepreneurs as well. The project offers smaller offices for rent, an ideal deal for businesses in need of administrative premises.

Part of the ZWIRN multi-functional district in Bratislava’s Ružinov the office building Zwirn Office will be a landmark with its fourteen above-ground and three underground floors. The location of the administrative building takes into account the business intention in this area – reports.

Filling the market gap

The market situation was developing positively towards owning offices in the segment below 500 m2 in Slovakia. With Zwirn, YIT took advantage of the fact that this part of the market was neglected for a long time.

“Currently, the project has exceeded 35% pre-sold, which we consider a significant success in the office space market,” said YIT Slovakia CEO, Milan Murcko. The 8th to 13th above-ground floors are offered by the developer as smaller units from 30 m2. Thus even a small entrepreneur can buy an office right in the centre of the new business zone.

Design with high demands in mind

Since the building will be located in a busy city intersection not only the windows but the entire outer shell of the building is designed with high demands in terms of acoustics, thermal engineering and light engineering in mind.

The complex also meets the certification requirements for energy class A0. The building will feature high technical standards, including an intelligent building management system and a comprehensive security and monitoring system. A reception will be available on the ground floor, parking will be provided by 163 underground parking spaces.

Openable windows will help to create a working environment, which will also provide enough daylight and a shared living terrace with a view of the capital on the 7th floor is also planned.

Extra benefits

The office building also benefits from the proximity of services and commercial operations on the ground floor of the district’s residential blocks. There will also be an inner block in the stage of the ZWIRN 3 residential construction, which is scheduled for completion in 2025. It is intended to serve apartment residents, as well as workers in the administrative building and the public.


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