This is why Gen Z employees want to spend more time in the office

FM newsroom – generations, office. More than 84% of Gen Z employees believe career progression is faster for those who work more from the office than those who work from home, according to a Genesis Property survey of 1,247 respondents nationwide.

What Gen Z employees expect from managers

According to the survey, almost 82% of employees of all ages consider their relationship with managers important or very important when deciding to work more days at the office. At the same time, nearly 60% of Gen Z employees expect managers to effectively support the professional and personal development of the people on their team. A similar percentage is found among those who want to work at least three days away from the office this year.

“More and more employees now understand that the office is essential for their development, both professionally and personally. Direct communication with the team allows them to learn faster, gain experience, and advance in their careers. In our office campuses, YUNITY Park and West Gate Business District, we constantly strive to create optimal conditions for interaction and socialization, and we are proud to offer our community a holistic ecosystem of spaces and amenities that support professional growth” – Marcela Stancu, Community Director, Genesis Property told Outsourcing Today.

Working from home slows career development

While working fully or mostly from home, nearly half of Gen Z employees say they lost connection with their team, more than a third felt a lack of socialization with colleagues and managers, and more than a quarter say their career development was slowed by this way of working. Nearly 64% believe that it takes at least three days of office work per week to establish a good relationship with colleagues and managers.

If they were to change jobs, more than 50% of respondents would want a close-knit team that collaborates in their day-to-day work, and more than 47% would want flexible working and autonomy. Regarding why they would change jobs in 2024, over 40% of Gen Z employees would like a hybrid work system, and almost 22% would like a closer-knit team whose members know how to work better with each other.

redefines office experience

With YUNITY Park, Genesis Property created a benchmark for employee office experience. In the public space, where more than 220 trees have been planted and integrated into an urban forest, employees can work outdoors on the campus benches with access to 125 power outlets or hold meetings on the move in the 2km pedestrian-only space.

Phase II of the project was completed last year after an investment of 20 million euros, and this year, YUNITY Park entered its final stage of development. Recently, Genesis Property announced the transition to fully renewable energy for all buildings in its portfolio.


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