The water we drink …in the office

There is often massive pressure at workplaces to perform, focus and stay energized all day long. Many things affect the energy level of a team. Beyond the lighting or the air quality, the quality and accessibility of drinking water also greatly impact the well-being and productivity of employees.


To keep pace at the workplace employees often grab coffee or tea, some even energy drinks, while dehydration can also cause fatigue. And the problem with caffeine in such beverages is that it may help speed up fast for a short period of time, but it also draws water from the body.


What we drink in the office

According to a study conducted by Waterlogic among full-time workers from across Europe, North America, and Australia, workers fail to drink the recommended amount of water each day at work.


At the same time, employees stated that water increased their concentration and productivity above and beyond coffee or energy drinks. While 95.4% of respondents said that water is beneficial to both, only 80.8% felt the same way about coffee and just 47.3% stated that energy drinks had the same effect. 70% of survey respondents also felt that their employer could be doing more to reduce plastic waste from single-use bottles and cups in the workplace.


Want good work? Provide water!

Water is crucial for maintaining good health. It is therefore important for employers to ensure that employees have access to drinking water in the workplace, as FUSION, an advocate of workplace health and wellbeing points out.


Providing (high-quality, filtered) drinking water in the workplace is important for several reasons. Besides promoting good health it improves job satisfaction as access to quality drinking water shows that employers care about their employees. Dehydration can cause fatigue and reduced concentration, thus easily accessible drinking water can improve productivity. 


Tap water or water dispenser?

When employees take a break from their desks or move to and from meetings, having a water dispenser located en route or within walking distance from their chosen area can be very convenient and beneficial.


A water dispenser within the office will not only provide freshly chilled water but will help reduce the amount of plastic waste. According to BRITA, at least 80% of plastic waste is caused by plastic water bottles. Substituting plastic waste for a more environmentally friendly option can help waste reduction and promote environmental sustainability.


Another reason to think about purchasing water dispensers – countertop or floor-standing – is the quality of tap water. Often tap water may be contaminated with different chemicals, whereas filtered water can flush out any toxins, prevent headaches, help with digestion, and even improve overall complexion.


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