The speed of change – Equilibrium2 committed to WiredScore certification

The international WiredScore certification will confirm that Equilibrium2 is a space full-ready equipped in terms of internet, telephone, and communication network connectivity to welcome future tenants. The complex is the first of its kind in the Romanian office market.

Connectivity for business success

A building’s degree of connectivity as measured by WiredScore considers five key aspects – ranging from the building’s ability to adapt to future technologies to the overall quality of a user’s experience in the building.

  • Resilience – determines how robust and secure the building’s digital infrastructure is;
  • Adaptability – determines how ready and flexible the digital infrastructure is to implement new technologies;
  • Mobile telephony – measures the quality of the signal in the building or the adaptation to 5G technology;
  • Operators – indicates the choice of service providers;
  • User experience – measures the quality of the WiFi signal in the building and defines the user satisfaction with connectivity.



“Moving into an office space where there is a well-prepared infrastructure that allows immediate connection to the internet and mobile phones, that makes it possible to choose the right provider and that can easily adapt to new technologies, is a great advantage for any tenant. In addition, Equilibrium2 also has a vertically prepared infrastructure, and this makes the lead times for execution and internet connection significantly shorter – an important financial aspect for choosing a building with this type of facility. Also, the fact that we are nearing the end of the audit process and Equilibrium2 will soon become the first WiredScore certified building in Romania will be a validation that we can offer the building’s residents a very good quality of connectivity. This is an advantage for our future partners who can successfully support a hybrid way of working, so popular in companies around the world” – Bogdan Voicu, Project Manager Commercial Development Division, Skanska CEE

There are currently 1965 buildings in Europe enrolled in various phases of WiredScore certification and a global total of over 65 million square meters of buildings already certified to the company’s standards, plus over 7 million residents benefiting from WiredScore audited technology. As the developer, Skansaka points out, in Romania, Equilibrium2 is the only building in the process of being audited and the first to commit to WiredScore certification.

The speed of change

The speed of change in technology always outpaces the speed of change in the digital infrastructure in a building, which is confirmed by the fact that over 70% of internet outages are caused by problems with the physical infrastructure inside buildings. Skanska is constantly investing in technologies to provide a modern digital experience from a seamless Wi-Fi connection in both common spaces inside the building and common spaces outside the Equilibrium complex to high-quality mobile coverage, regardless of the phone provider.

“Skanska has set a new bar for digital connectivity for Romanian real estate and has demonstrated its commitment to future-proofing its assets for years to come. We are very proud to continue working with them as they continue to set the standard for connectivity in the market.” – Laura Klair, Head of Nordics and CEE at WiredScore

WiredScore certification increases the value of the building

According to a 2022 study by Moody’s Analytics: Digital Connectivity and the Evolving Office Sector, in the United States, where WiredScore certification was first launched, the vacancy rate of certified buildings is 3.8% lower compared to other non-certified buildings. And vacancy has been 2.2% higher in WiredScore-certified Class A office space over the past two years than in similar, non-certified buildings of the same profile.

WiredScore certification helps increase the value of the building for both potential tenants and future owners and helps improve employee satisfaction when they choose to come to the office in this modern location.



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