The most pro-environmental office building in Poland

FM newsroom – office. The underground part of the first phase of the mixed-use project Towarowa 22 in Warsaw is coming to an end. In addition to offices, the building offers retail spaces and green areas. The joint project by companies belonging to the Echo Investment Group and AFI Europe is focusing on innovative solutions for sustainable development.

Towarowa 22 is a modern, friendly and comfortable city quarter in the centre of Warsaw. It brings a new urban and functional value to a 6.5-hectare area formerly occupied by a printing plant. Working spaces in the Office House, apartments, restaurants, service points, as well as public spaces will be created here. The total usable area of the buildings will be about 200,000 sqm. The entire project will be completed by 2028. – the official announcement says.

Running 100% on green energy

Office House, like the entire project at Towarowa Street, sets a new quality in the centre of Warsaw. The building responds to the needs of employees, for whom offices help achieve full efficiency in a hybrid work model or after a full-time return to their onsite work. At the same time, the technologies used place Office House among the most advanced buildings in Poland in terms of pro-environmental solutions, including carbon footprint reduction. This is an important argument for organizations that are guided by ESG principles, also when choosing their headquarters, – says Rafał Mazurczak, a member of Echo Investment’s management board.

Office House will be powered by renewable energy, including some generated on-site by photovoltaic panels. It will have a three-layer glass facade that will preserve an optimal temperature inside the building at all times of the year, reducing energy consumption for cooling or heating. Lower electricity consumption will also be possible thanks to LED lighting controlled by the DALI system. In turn, the air quality inside the building will be taken care of by a special purification technology modelled on processes naturally occurring in nature.

A well-certified building

The Office House of the mixed-use project Towarowa 22 is being constructed in accordance with the requirements of BREEAM environmental certification at the highest level of “Outstanding”. It will also meet the guidelines of the WELL certification assessing the impact of buildings on human health and well-being, as well as the WiredScore and SmartScore certifications analysing technological solutions.

Towarowa 22 is a unique place in terms of its scale, location, combination of functions and quality of public space. It is a place that fits into the strategic ideas of the development of Warsaw, creating a metropolitan space, but also promoting sustainable development. It is an important parameter for us – an international investor that builds a green property portfolio. We are pleased that Office House is progressing and we are preparing to launch the next phases of the project, – adds Michal Stępień, a deputy CEO of AFI Europe Poland.

Rising at a rate of 10 business days

Office House will have about 31,000 sqm of leasable office and retail space. After reaching ground zero this November, the building will rise at the rate of one above-ground floor every 10 business days or so. The construction is scheduled to be completed in the second quarter of 2025.

In the middle of 2025, a part of Park Słowa will also be delivered for use and at the end of 2025 the first residential building adjacent to it. A year later the rest of the green areas with a restored pavilion of Dom Słowa Polskiego will be made available to visitors.




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