The Hungarian Academy of Sciences is going sustainable

The renovation of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) building begins in the summer. According to the plans, the Academy will welcome the members of the scientific community in a much more open, better equipped and sustainably operating building by the 200th anniversary of its founding.

The palace of the Hungarian Academy of Science (MTA) was built from public donations between 1862 and 1865 based on the plans of Friedrich August Stüler. It had a decisive influence on the development of Hungarian architecture. Its implementation was supervised by Stüler’s former student from Berlin, Antal Szkalnitzky, and Miklós Ybl. The most famous artists of the period also worked on the interior spaces, the murals are the works of Károly Lotz and Antal Ligeti.

Taking renovation one step further

One of the most important goals of the renovation of the 12,000 sqm building and the Library is to make it much more open and accessible to the general public. To achieve this, the Academy increases the proportion of public spaces and opens new exhibition spaces. Another important goal of the project is to be able to conduct scientific events in line with current technical standards – reports.

There is much to be done from a technical and sustainability point of view also. The identified structural deficiencies must be corrected as well as establishing energy-saving operation and modernizing safety and fire control.

Starting on the top

The MTA is planning the renovation in multiple stages. One of the biggest tasks of Phase I, which will begin in the summer of 2023, is the complete renovation of the roof. Due to waterlogging and the ageing of the structure, this work is of paramount importance. The building’s massive windows will be restored and modernized for energy-saving reasons, replaced only if necessary. The new decorative lighting is planned in Phase II.

Interior design

The Ballroom, the largest and most beautiful room in the building, will be renovated based on a new interior design concept. In addition to a complete mechanical renovation, the project also includes the implementation of a new audio-visual system, lighting and modular equipment that can be adapted to any given event. The Art Gallery, which displays the treasures of the Art Collection, will be renovated and new exhibition spaces will be added to the Danube wing also.

Phase I of the renovation will optimally be completed by the fall of 2024. The public procurement for the planning of the renovation was won by Középülettervező Zrt. (KÖZTI). The detailed construction plans of Phase I have been completed, and the public procurement procedure for the construction is underway.

More green areas and a community space

The Academy is confident that by 2025, for the 200th anniversary of its existence, the square in front of the MTA Headquarters can also be re-arranged. Instead of the current parking lot, a community space with lots of green space is planned here.

The Academy trusts that the renewal of the HQ can continue after the festive year. Phase II will see the construction of a 300-seat state-of-the-art conference room under the courtyard, a new reception area for the Library and public community spaces.




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