The first city airport in Romania is ready to welcome passengers

Contractors handed over the first city airport in Romania, Bucharest mid-January. The facility was built in 1912 – being the 3rd oldest bus station in the world, 2nd in Europe. Besides its unique shape – a plane’s propeller – the contractors had to face further special challenges, as the building is a historical one.

Years ago, under another contract, UTI had already modernized a section of the building, one of the propeller’s “blades”, turning it into a General aviation terminal. The rehabilitation and modernization of the other two elements of the propeller finished this January. The project has a total value of approximately 13 million euros without VAT – writes The terminal is expected to welcome – for a start – 400,000 passengers annually.

As the building is a historical one, the biggest challenge for UTI specialists was to implement the latest solutions and innovative systems in the limited space of an old airport without affecting its status as a historical monument.

Safety first

The luggage safety system is in line with the architecture and working scenario imposed by international regulations, integrating 2 X-ray luggage control equipment – produced in the USA – in the luggage belt system with specific computer tomography technology.

The physical security solutions implemented in Băneasa incorporate the technologies to ensure security requirements imposed by the risks this international transport objective could face. Following the modernization works, the video surveillance system is one with unitary management and operation. The project also implemented an access control solution requiring added flexibility and integrability, as well as a higher level of computer security and reliability.

Efficient energy management

The thermal agent needed for heating is produced with the help of 16 condensing wall-mounted boilers, and the cooling agent is produced with the help of a high-performance chiller with power modulation capacity.

High-performance and energy-efficient equipment have been installed in the HVAC system, among which there are air treatment plants with 100% recovery, direct expansion cooling equipment, high precision fan coil units that allow local or zonal control of temperature. Last but not least, the electrical installations have been designed and made following the latest energy efficiency standards – adds

The contractors were SC Bog’Art SRL, UTI Grup SA, UTI FM, Selftrust, Smiths Detection, Altimate, Softrust Vision Analytics

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