Stunning visuals of the new MBH Bank HQ in Budapest

FM newsroom – office market. Following the sale and purchase process, the visual plans for the new headquarters of the Hungarian MBH Bank have been completed. Two out of the three towers of the complex are expected to be ready by the end of 2026. Following the goals of the banking group the new office building will meet all social, employee and ESG expectations, and will also provide community functions in the heart of Budapest.

The actual work may start in the near future

The bank group’s 76,000 sqm headquarters will be built on a nearly 13,000 sqm plot of land located in the frequented traffic junction of the 13th district of Budapest. According to the official announcement, the company bought a sub-project of the “Agora” project from a foreign investor with a valid building permit.

As the first step, MBH Bank selected Finta & Partners Architects for the project. The designs are prepared to take into account both the needs of the bank and the relevant legislation. The plans are already awaiting the approval of the Planning Council, so the actual works may even start in the near future.

The expected handover of the HQ is due in 2026

Two of the three towers under construction will be built to accommodate employees, while the third is primarily designed for rental. The bank’s explicit goal is for the building complex to fit organically into the cityscape, and at the same time be a striking and emblematic, architecturally exciting building. Certain civil engineering works and substructures have already been completed in the area, so the first two towers, serving as a headquarters, can be expected to be built by the end of 2026, while the handover of the third tower, intended for rental, is planned for the end of 2027.

When choosing the location it was important that the future building complex could be easily accessed from almost all parts of the city by car and public transport. The preparedness of the project was also an important factor.

The headquarters is owned and developed by MBH Bank’s subsidiary MBH Domo Kft. The building complex is built with modern technical solutions, keeping in mind ESG and energy support options. In addition, it is important that the new headquarters is built taking into account the objectives of the EU Taxonomy and obtaining the most important green building certificates (BREEAM, WELL; A4 YOU) as well.



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