Skyliner – The office complex running on 100% green energy

Skyliner signed a deal with E.On securing 100% renewable energy resources for another 3 years.  This made the A-class office complex one of the most economical buildings with the lowest service charges in Warsaw. 

100% of electricity from renewable energy

Warsaw’s Skyliner office building has extended its contract which guarantees 100% of electricity from renewable energy sources until 2026. The supplier is the E.ON Group. Electricity powering the Warsaw skyscraper will come entirely from onshore wind farms. By using RES energy, the building generates a smaller carbon footprint – Warsaw Business Journal reports.

“Sustainability is embedded in the DNA of the E.ON Group. We continuously support our customers and give them the tools to enable their green transition. Every contract with guarantees of origin provides direct support for renewable energy producers. It also ensures that an appropriate amount of green energy will be introduced into Poland’s energy system. This type of contract is, in our opinion, one of the most effective ways for companies to go zero carbon” – Mariola Kopcińska, Key Account Manager, Business Customer Division, E.ON Polska S.A. told WBJ.

Sustainability in mind and practice

Even at the design stage, Skyliner’s owners put in place a range of solutions to limit the negative impact of the investment project on the environment and its immediate surroundings. These include an energy-efficient high-speed lift system with regenerative drive, automatic external lighting which is switched off at night, equipped with twilight sensors and a clock to reduce unnecessary lighting operation during the day. The green roofs and surrounding areas are filled with vegetation. This reduces the urban heat island effect, contributes to the reduction of air pollution, and ensures the efficient management of rainwater.

Thanks to its solutions designed to minimise air and water pollution, reduce noise and vibration levels, and limit dust, as well as the addition of further environmentally-friendly procedures, Skyliner has received a BREEAM Excellent certificate.

The most economical building in Warsaw

“We have installed more than a hundred systems on the three technical levels to ensure the efficient and ecological operation of Skyliner. What is extremely important for the functioning of the office building, as well as for its tenants, is that the implemented solutions, including electricity from RES, make the service charge one of the lowest among Warsaw’s A-class office buildings. As such, Skyliner is one of the most economical buildings in the capital city” Szymon Zduńczyk, Executive Director at Karimpol Polska told Property Forum.

Skyliner offers 49,000 sqm of leasable space on 42 floors. Some of the space hosts retail and service units, restaurants, and a five-storey underground car park. At 165 m high is the two-storey Skybar with views of the Warsaw skyline. At 16 metres high, Skyliner has the highest office lobby in Poland. The building is equipped with 21 high-speed lifts (up to 7 m/s) with a contactless service system, and the SkylinerApp building application, which replaces traditional access control cards and offers the possibility to book desks, rooms, and parking spaces remotely.




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