Six Global ESG Awards presented for the first time at MIPIM

FM newsroom – ESG, mipim. On March 12, the trophy ceremony for the Global ESG Awards took place during MIPIM in Cannes. Following 180 nominations across 6 categories, 6.801 public votes, and 2.177 evaluations done by a global official jury committee, a ranking was compiled, revealing six clear winners. These companies and individuals have proven themselves as leaders within their respective categories and were recognized by their peers with an honorary award for their contributions.

MIPIM 2024

Mipim, the leading international trade fair for the real estate, construction and real estate markets. The event in Cannes offers a strategic meeting place for the most important decision maker in the sector, developers, investors, territories, development agencies and local authorities, investment funds, construction companies, service companies.

Global ESG Awards

The Global ESG Awards are created to acknowledge the hard work of companies and individuals within the construction and real estate sector regarding ESG. (ESG encompasses a wide range of practices aimed at reducing environmental impact, promoting social responsibility, and ensuring ethical governance.) These factors have become progressively crucial for companies in these sectors to remain competitive, attract investors, and meet the expectations of a more environmentally and socially conscious market. The Global ESG Awards are made possible by EUBIN (European Building Innovation Network), MIPIM and PAUL Tech, the official announcement says.

“It is groundbreaking that this award finally puts the focus on the young innovation companies who are developing and offering the urgently needed solutions for the construction and real estate sector. The future readiness of our industry depends crucially on the performance of these sustainable drivers being brought even faster and more into focus. The Global ESG Award marks an important milestone that was only made possible through the broad support of many tech, industry and venture capital decision-makers.” – Sarah Schlesinger, co-founder at EUBIN

The six winners of the Global ESG Awards are:

Compliancy Award: for the best solutions that comply with regulations

The winner of this category is: Deepki from France.

EcoBalance Award: for the best solutions for climate change & pollution

The winner of this category is: aedifion from Germany.

Aqua Biodiversity Award: for the best solutions for water and marine resources, biodiversity, and ecosystems

The winner of this category is: Droople from Switzerland.

Resource Excellence Award: for the best solutions for resource use and circular economy

The winner of this category is: Concular from Germany.

CommuniCare Impact Award: for the best solutions for affected communities, consumers, and end-users

The winner of this category is: Chainels from The Netherlands

ESG Leadership Award: the best corporate ESG personality

The winner of this category is: Aleksandra Njagulj – DWS Group from United Kingdom.


Photo: EUBIN (European Building Innovation Network)



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