Romanian study: On Fridays most generations prefer to work from home

FM newsroom – survey. A report summarizing the workplace preferences of generations Z, Y, X, and Baby Boomers conducted in Romania provides a detailed picture of the expectations and habits of these generations.

The information extracted by CBRE from the study “Return to Office 2023 – Generations Choose Destinations 2023”, provides a comprehensive and detailed picture of the expectations and habits of these varied generational groups, Outsourcing Today reports.

The priority of needs tends to shift

„We decided to run this survey and see where exactly each generation has adapted to the hybrid work context and what they consider most important when it comes to their office space, the building that houses it and what is around it. The results ranged from confirming assumptions to surprising issues, and while we see that all employees care about things similarly, the priority of needs tends to shift”, stated Daniela Gavril, Head of Research, CBRE România.

Public transport remains the most important amenity regardless of generation, with 70% of survey respondents resonating with this idea. Also, almost half of them prefer not to go to the office on Fridays, and a third on Mondays, but regardless of age, 64% of the study participants expressed their desire to participate in events organized in the building they work in, while only 33% would only enjoy the event if they were in the office on the day. Challenged on how they would prefer to relax after work hours, about 70% of respondents consider walks in the park as the most desirable, while only half would choose more strenous activities, such as going to the gym.

The majority of respondents proposed various facilities that brought near their office building would make their going to the office not only a more pleasant experience but would make their time more efficient. A quarter would prefer specialty retail operators but not limited to such as pharmacies, beauty salons, and medical clinics. Only 5% said they wouldn’t change a thing about the building they work in now, from this point of view.

Generation Z, the young adults of the digital age

Generation born after the year 2000, raised in the age of social media and with access to technology from the first years of life, is surprisingly also the most interested in socializing and events. Compared to an average of 64% of all respondents to survey, 76% of Gen Z said they want to attend events organized in the building where they work, while only 24% would only enjoy the event if they were in the office that day.

Gen Z also puts a lot of emphasis on public transport, which is more desirable than the existence of a shopping center nearby.  All the social aspects matter more to them, two-thirds preferring to spend their free time with friends, while the rest opt ​​to go to the gym.

Having a park close to the office would be a great benefit, but at the same time, 50% of Gen Z want more specialty retail and Food & Beverage options in or near the building where they work. Pharmacies, coffee shops, restaurants, and gelaterias are the retailers sought after by Gen Z.

Generation Y, the most present in the office

Generation Y, better known as Millennials, is the most present in the office. 80% of survey respondents work at least 2 days a week from the office, and 43% go to the office more than 3 days a week. As with Generation Z, Millennials significantly prefer to work from home on Fridays.

Proximity to office public transportation is less important, but they also want greater diversity in specialty retail and would appreciate more options in food, beverage, and services such as restaurants, beauty clinics, pharmacies, afterschool or dry cleaners.

Generation X, the shopping generation

For Generation X, those born between 1965 and 1980, shopping centers proved extremely important, with a third of respondents voting for them. At the same time, parks received the most votes as a key point of interest near the office, being preferred by 75% of respondents of this generation.

After work, Gen X respondents prefer to go out in a much smaller proportion. The representatives of this generation appreciate in addition to specialty retailers and Food & Beverage stores, but also a greater diversity of retailers and services, such as cleaners, kindergartens, afterschool, pet shop, leisure activities.

Baby Boomers with public transportation priority

Baby Boomers, the generation born between 1946 and 1964. 88% of respondents from this generation prefer public transport, and 75% work in the office more than three days a week. Unlike the other generations, 42% stated that Monday is their least favorite day for office work.

Parks are essential for them, but they also appreciate the proximity of cinemas, theaters, green areas and other leisure options.

Completed by nearly 500 respondents, the survey covered employee options across multiple fields such as IT, Transport, Administration, Medical, Professional Services, Real Estate, BPO, FMCG, Banking, HoReCa, and others.


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