Reclassification of office buildings in Bratislava

The Bratislava Research Forum decided to follow the example of several European countries and has reclassed office buildings.

Following the example of the Czech Republic and other European countries, the Bratislava Research Forum is starting the reclassification of office buildings – Property Forum reports. The changes will apply from the second quarter of 2022 when the new building class system will be used in the next quarterly press release.

A+ category for the most advanced

Internationally accepted criteria have been used for the assessment of buildings, reflecting the real technical and technological condition of the buildings. The criteria are followed by modern trends and requirements for buildings in terms of the ESG concept, which is increasingly emphasised. One of the reasons for this is the separation of the most modern and technologically advanced buildings into the newly created A+ category.

Reclassification is due to the lack of up-to-date standards

Another factor in the reclassification process is the lack of up-to-date building standards, as technological progress and attitudes towards ESG have not been taken into account. The rapidly changing requirements and parameters those modern buildings must meet in order to be rated under A+ or A class have also been taken into account.

Historical buildings fall out of the stock

The reclass of office buildings means that the class A office space will represent 721,200 sqm. Class B office space will be 933,700 sqm and as for the newly created A+ class, office space in Bratislava will represent 305,500 sqm. Due to reclassification, historical buildings that did not meet the parameters of modern buildings were removed from office stock and will therefore drop from the original 2,005,400 sqm to 1,960,400 sqm.


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