Property X – The Hungarian Real Estate Conference

FM newsroom – property, conference. For the third time this year, representatives of the Hungarian real estate industry will meet at the Property X conference of Portfolio in Balatonfüred. In addition to the solid professional content, networking will also take centre stage.

In addition to the key players in the Hungarian real estate market, representatives of the financing sector and the construction industry, which are closely linked to the market as a whole, played a significant role in shaping the professional content of the Property X conference which takes place on 29-30 May. 

However, besides the classical presentations and panel discussions, the organizers expect the participants to enjoy a more open space and design, focusing on partners and clients.

The hot topics to be discussed

The global real estate market is experiencing a turbulent period of historical changes. Countless innovations, information, regulations, tasks, difficulties and risks shape the day-to-day work. Only comprehensive and complex answers can and should be given to these challenges. Property X creates a platform for this.

The conference addresses hot topics that are fundamentally shaping the lives of almost all market players. Such are the challenges of the energy crisis, greening, and the latest trends and experiences in traditional and flexible office solutions. There will also be discussions on operational solutions and the impact and insights of X-industries, such as finance and construction, on the domestic real estate market.

By participating in the Property X conference, attendees will not only receive a comprehensive mid-year assessment of the domestic real estate market but also gain valuable insights into the global outlook. In addition to the macro picture of the real estate market, professionals will also discuss where investor and financier sentiment stands and how new developments are being prepared.

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