Ostrava Tower to be the tallest building in the Czech Republic

Over the decades, the city of Ostrava has moved away from its coal mining and metallurgical background to a service and information-driven industry. By 2027, the transforming city will also boast the tallest building in the country.

The international architecture and urban design studio, CHYBIK + KRISTOF has revealed its design of a skyscraper in the Czech Republic city of Ostrava. According to archdaily.com the project reframes the typology of the skyscraper as a dynamic social hub and activates public space in the post-industrial city. Upon completion, with its 56 storeys and 235-metre height, Ostrava Tower will be the tallest building in the country.

CHYBIK + KRISTOF’s project reactivates a part of the city centre and the surrounding public space through a design that alternates levels of publicly accessible functions and private facilities. The project comprises 98,000 sqm of multifunctional space, including offices, apartments, a convention centre, a hotel as well as retail and service space. The building will feature a rooftop garden and a new plaza.

Its iconic X-like structure and diagonal geometry unifies the entire building, providing it with alternating levels of publicly accessible functions and private facilities that act in harmony. Shifted on its own axis, the design of the building, composed of a complex set of alternating walls and its glass façade, supports its multipurpose functions and provides the residential units with stunning vistas of the city and the surrounding landscape, while also providing privacy and substantial living space. – as Eurobuildcee.com highlights.

Ostrava Tower will be situated in the city’s Moravská Ostrava district, on a 0.83 ha plot between 28. října, Těžařská, Porážková and Jantarová streets. The site was bought following a tender held in 2020 by the investor behind the project, RT Torax, for CZK 61.7 mln (app. EUR 2.5 mln). The company’s initial plan was to develop two buildings – a residential tower and an office and services building. Ostrava Tower is scheduled for completion in 2027.



Photo: chybik-kristof.com



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