New ZSE headquarters will be high-tech and low-carbon

FM newsroom – office. Bratislava downtown will get another exceptional building with the new headquarters of Západoslovenská energetika (ZSE), which will fill today’s brownfield between the Metropolis and Sky Park Offices projects.

Immocap revealed the future form of the brownfield on Bottová Street back in October 2023. The project became a kind of protector of the former Design Factory. The residential house will be built directly above the locksmith’s workshop, but in addition to the apartment building and the reconstruction of the Design Factory, there will also be a new, modern HQ for ZSE – reports.

The recent headquarters of ZSE is outdated, does not meet the required standards and it is an absolutely unrepresentative object. The location of the new complex will be between the Metropolis and Sky Park Offices projects.

High-tech low-carbon building

The first information was published by the Immocap company in June of last year, while at that time the definitive form of the building was unknown. The developer announced the creation of a concept with a low carbon footprint already during construction, while the new building was supposed to be technologically unique with high energy efficiency.

The developer described the new ZSE headquarters as a completely carbon-neutral building, which should bring up to 70 % higher savings in operating costs in office and commercial spaces compared to similar buildings.

The new headquarters should have a height of up to 32 meters, a children’s centre, catering business, customer centre and services for cyclists should also be located here. The recessed roof floor of the building is  intended to serve as a residence for employees – a terrace is designed here. The administrative area will be 4,100 square meters in size, while ZSE expects 750 employees in the building. Together, there should be 433 underground parking spaces.

The first carbon-neutral building in Slovakia

In the competition for the most suitable solution for the new headquarters of ZSE, the Čechvala Architects office succeeded with the concept of bringing a simple mass that calms the space in the immediate surroundings.

“The architectural solution of the new ZSE headquarters does not bring “another” significant impact on the territory. We place even greater emphasis on the details of the architectural solution. The colour, the materials used together with the plastic rendering of the facades allow the building to “change its mood” during the day. And that makes it attractive despite its simple shape,” – says architect Tomáš Čechvala about the winning concept. 

A significant step forward in the design is the technological solution of the building. The label “the first carbon neutral building” in its class speaks for itself – states the architect, who believes that precisely thanks to such an approach, the building will bring constant quality.

The HQ and the apartment building will be connected by a public space – a green inner block. This space is expected to connect the terrain in front of the buildings of the Sky Park project and the new zone on the Danube embankment in an appropriate way.

„The new ZSE headquarters will beautify the emerging zone in Bratislava’s downtown both aesthetically and functionally. The planned headquarters of Západoslovenská energetika ambitiously meets the plan to reduce the carbon footprint of our projects,” – says Martin Šramko, CEO of Immocap. 

According to the total construction costs should be at the level of 55 million euros. However, construction is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2027 with completion in the second half of 2029.

Photos:, Immocap


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