Innovators of clean energy developments can get investment

FM newsroom – energy, innovation. Until 15th December, EIT InnoEnergy welcomes the clean energy developments and solutions of European startups, entrepreneurs, innovators and researchers for the Hello CleanTech 2.0 program.


According to EIT InnoEnergy, the goal of the Hello CleanTech 2.0 initiative is to make it easier for innovations related to clean energy to reach international large companies and investors.


Applicants operating in the clean energy sector are welcome with their developments in energy storage, green hydrogen, carbon technology, carbon dioxide removal, battery recycling, smart grids, circular economy and bioeconomy, renewable energy sources and digital solutions into the program.


Hello CleanTech 2.0

Applicants who join Hello CleanTech 2.0 get access to the services of the program’s partners, as well as to the expert support and mentoring they provide. They can get involved in the investment processes of EIT InnoEnergy and the participating companies, and global venture capital funds, as well as collaborations with industry leaders who have control over the relevant infrastructures – reports with reference to the official announcement.


EIT InnoEnergy, established in 2010 with the support of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), aims to promote the European energy sector’s sustainability and competitiveness through its investments by connecting innovation and education.


According to in the first edition of the programme, over 250 applications were submitted, and 36 companies established cooperation with experienced market leaders, receiving business, technological and fundraising support.


Who can apply?

The organizers distinguished 9 areas in which participants can apply:

  • Energy storage: innovative solutions aimed at effective and pro-ecological energy storage.
  • Green hydrogen: solutions enabling ecological and innovative production, transport and storage of hydrogen.
  • Carbon tech: in particular CCU and CCS technologies and technologies enabling the valorisation of off-grid renewable energy sources.
  • Heat decarbonisation: heat pumps, power-to-heat solutions, innovative solutions for HVAC.
  • Battery recycling: ecological solutions dedicated to battery recycling, management of used batteries, and a second life for accumulators and batteries.
  • Smart grid: modern solutions that optimize the operation of energy networks, extend the service life and increase their flexibility.
  • Circular economy & Bioeconomy: innovations in recycling, solutions enabling the recovery of raw materials, scalable solutions for low-emission fuels.
  • Renewables: photovoltaics, wind energy, solutions aimed at reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Digital solutions: innovations increasing efficiency through the use of technology, new business models, and promotion of ecological solutions.


More detailed information and the application form are available on the program’s website: – Applications close on 15 December 2023.




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