Here is how to redesign old offices and boost productivity

All business owners look for ways to boost employee productivity from time to time, and one way to do this is by redesigning the office. Since all employees have different working styles it’s important to offer areas within the office that allow for different work styles.


To enhance productivity and creativity for all employees Facility Executive Magazine listed a few ways to freshen up old office spaces.


Noise is the biggest distractor

Sounds emitted within a 20-foot radius have the most impact on an employee’s concentration. FMs can easily fix this problem by placing acoustic panels on walls that will buffer loud noises. Plants are another great sound barrier, and they provide a bit of nature into the space. Installing transparent walls can also help as they buffer sound but do not create a visual barrier. These solutions are great when wanting to lower noise levels but allow communication between employees.


Let there be good lighting

Light design is essential for office efficiency. Poor lighting causes eye strain, leading to headaches, stress, and fatigue. When lighting an office facility managers should consider using natural light as much as possible. Natural light helps boost mood and encourages better work output. If the office is lacking in natural light, simulate it by using LED lights. Most LED lights on the market today offer a wide range of colours and effects allowing you to change the colour temperature for any area of the office. In break rooms and calming areas, consider warmer tones to help promote relaxation, whereas use a cooler colour temperature light in areas where employees have their desks.


Stimulating colours

Wall colours can be very stimulating for employees, and different colours can evoke different emotions in people. Stay away from white and tan walls—blues, yellows, oranges, and greens stimulate a person’s creativity and provides a sense of calm. At the same time, avoid using brash colours or elaborate murals that may be too distracting.


Design spaces for breaks

All employees need an area to take a break from the hectic workday. When designing these areas FMs should consider that different employees rest in different ways. Some prefer a quiet room to rest their eyes for ten minutes, while others prefer playing a game or watching the news for a few minutes. To accommodate all employee needs, create multiple rest areas in the office if possible. Designate a quiet room with comfortable seating, and create a space with ping pong tables, foosball tables, and a television for those looking to take a break and boost their creativity.


Fresh air to clear minds

Having an outdoor space to get some fresh air or take a walk is a great way to boost productivity and creativity. Outdoor spaces also provide health benefits for workers who sit for most of the workday.


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