H2Offices – LEED Platinum Certification with highest score

The first phase of Skanska’s H2Offices has set an impressive environmental benchmark, earning a Platinum Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Core and Shell version 4 certification with 84 points, which is currently the highest score in Hungary. This achievement sets a new standard in sustainable office space development. Based on its accessibility features, the building also obtained the highest rating of Access4You certification, meaning Gold level.

Securing the LEED Platinum certification with a standout score of 84 points, H2Offices has established itself as the highest-ranking environmental-friendly office development in Hungary – developer, Skanska announced. This noteworthy accomplishment is a testimony to its effective deployment of solutions that have resulted in significant outcomes in sustainable site development, conservation of water, energy efficiency, selection of materials, and the quality of the indoor environment.

“Achieving the highest LEED Core and Shell version 4 certification score in Hungary is proof of the thoughtful design and construction of H2Offices and of our overall mission to build for a better society.”- András Ábrahám, Project Director of Skanska’s commercial development business unit in Hungary

Created in ESG-accordance

The development earned additional recognition for features such as light pollution reduction strategy, a significant reduction in irrigation (98%) for outdoor water use, and an innovative all-LED design which includes no mercury. The first phase, now completed, introduces 27,000 sqm of space created in accordance with ESG principles.

H2Offices is designed to optimize energy efficiency, contributing to reduced operational costs. The first phase boasts an array of sustainability-enhancing features, including 40% water savings, an annual reduction of 540 tons of carbon emissions (equivalent to 2,685 round aeroplane trips from Budapest to Warsaw), as well as a 37% decrease in energy consumption.

Accessibility recognized

In addition to environmental solutions, accessibility is also an essential element and vital feature of the project, with H2Offices Skanska has created a truly inclusive environment and received the prestigious Gold certification of Access4You, which evaluates accessibility features of the built environment.

The office building features level entryways from both sides and is equipped with motion-activated automatic doors, a motor-operated single-leaf door, and an intercom at each entrance. Inside, the building features tactile paving signs, an induction loop and an online sign language service at reception to support hearing-impaired visitors, as well as barrier-free toilets on every floor.

A contribution to the neighbourhood

H2Offices provides space to relax not only for the people working in it but also for the residents. Everyone is welcomed into an open, landscaped garden with greenery and a pond, creating a relaxing and rejuvenating environment. This way it contributes to the creation of a lively community and a friendlier neighborhood.


Photos: Skanska.hu


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