According to experts, Slovakia is ready for energy class A0

The Slovakian Ministry of Transport and Construction proposed a relaxation of the building regulations while the Buildings for the Future (BPB) platform does not support the softening of the standards. According to the organization, experts are ready to meet the requirements for building with almost zero energy demand.

Hundreds of A0 projects are already being realized in Slovakia, proving that the technologies are affordable, feasible and economically viable – writes the BPB. The platform also lists examples for different building categories, starting with tenements of the 3rd phase of the Petržalské dvory project. For public buildings, a good example is the renovation of the E. Belluš Construction Vocational High School from energy class E to energy class A0. And there is a recent private investment, an office building at the ABW precast concrete plant in Kráľová pri Senci. But we can also find family homes built to a passive standard.

BPB director Katarína Nikodemová added that “the construction market, designers and architects are prepared for the A0 requirements, and there is a demand for them. Refining the requirements would be an unnecessary step backwards, which would slow down development in construction.”

The director also highlighted that regulations should be motivating and in line with the strategic direction of the European Union and the country towards carbon neutrality.

According to BPB, the designers and energy efficiency experts have confirmed that these buildings with almost zero energy demand are manageable, operating costs are radically lower, and user comfort is at the level of the 21st century.


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